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Pisces 2018 horoscope – how it’s going to be for pisces

The influence of the planets on the sign of Pisces, and according to the decan, depends largely on two steeds, Saturn [3rd decan] and Neptune [2nd decan], even if Saturn in Sagittarius, until December 20th, is Present for the whole sign instead of the solar house X, and that the planetary phases in tension [series […]

2018 Horoscope – learn about next year main astrological events

A fire for you in many ways, but especially in the area of ​​relationships and courageous initiatives that can change the trajectory of life and destiny. It will not be simple, but you are already familiar with the effort, the work and the stress, so you will not be surprised by the year 2017 with […]

Get ready for 2018 – chinese year of the DOG

Chinese Zodiac: I calculate the sign and are general characteristics. Chinese zodiac refers to the time of birth, but not at a certain time of year, but the year itself. The year of birth and not the month or day are important for establishing the sign we are born, according to the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, […]

Leo 2018 horoscope – a better astrological forecast

Like all horoscopes, this is an astral weather that is addressed to all people born under the sign of the lion. As your astral chart is UNIQUE in the world, no one else has the same as yours, even if you have a twin. These astrological forecasts are therefore necessarily of a general nature, and […]

Yearly 2017 predictions for capricorn

Find your free predictions for Capricorn sign. What does this year hold for you in your family life and love? What will be your personal and professional success? Here are all the forecasts our astrologer, for a year 2017 rich in surprises! Your Year of Capricorn Horsescope of the Year 1st decan of Capricorn: a […]

April 2017 monthly horoscope

On our site, you will discover your horoscope April 2017. Many people still wonder why reading a horoscope in April. In reality, the answer is very simple: your free 2017 horoscope allows you to discover your future, and what the future will be made of. This is a great way to reassure yourself, but also […]

Taurus 2018 horoscope – be the first to know

SENTIMENTAL LIFE 1st decan (April 21 to 30) From 14 to 23 January, your friends make presentations, free to follow up or not. From 5 to 15 March, the goddess of the heart augurs a fruitful period in terms of encounters, but also a second breath for couples already formed. The planet of love stands […]

Pisces personality – hospitality, compassion, broad and agile comprehension

You are represented by two fish tied by the tail and swimming in opposite directions, which indicates not only that Pisces is a sign of double personality, but may have two almost diametrically opposed personalities. You are a sign of Water, so the world of feelings is the most important thing. The first sois of […]

Aquarius personality – balance, goodness, originality, sincerity

Aquarius is represented by a man who pours the contents of a pitcher, being the only sign of the Zodiac that has a totally human symbolism. As an air sign, he needs intellectual stimulation and understanding for words or concepts. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and altruism. His cry of war might be that […]

Capricorn personality – responsibility, sense of duty, perseverance

Like the mountain goat, animal that represents your sign, you walk on the steepest and most solitary roads; But in the end you usually reach the almost inaccessible top. As a sign of Earth, you need to plan carefully and you are hardworking. You know that everything has to arrive with effort and dedication, although […]