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Yearly 2017 predictions for capricorn

Find your free predictions for Capricorn sign. What does this year hold for you in your family life and love? What will be your personal and professional success? Here are all the forecasts our astrologer, for a year 2017 rich in surprises! Your Year of Capricorn Horsescope of the Year 1st decan of Capricorn: a […]

Pisces personality – hospitality, compassion, broad and agile comprehension

You are represented by two fish tied by the tail and swimming in opposite directions, which indicates not only that Pisces is a sign of double personality, but may have two almost diametrically opposed personalities. You are a sign of Water, so the world of feelings is the most important thing. The first sois of […]

Aquarius personality – balance, goodness, originality, sincerity

Aquarius is represented by a man who pours the contents of a pitcher, being the only sign of the Zodiac that has a totally human symbolism. As an air sign, he needs intellectual stimulation and understanding for words or concepts. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and altruism. His cry of war might be that […]

Capricorn personality – responsibility, sense of duty, perseverance

Like the mountain goat, animal that represents your sign, you walk on the steepest and most solitary roads; But in the end you usually reach the almost inaccessible top. As a sign of Earth, you need to plan carefully and you are hardworking. You know that everything has to arrive with effort and dedication, although […]

Sagittarius personality – exaggeratios, striving to dazzle, ostentatios, superstitios

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, a mythological animal half man, half horse, implying the duality of the sign. It is a sign of Fire, so it needs to be admired, to stand out. The human half, with a taut bow and an arrow about to shoot, symbolizes idealism, faith in the future, optimism and […]

Scorpio personality – a very complete sexuality

It is represented by the scorpion. Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, is the god of the subsoil, the underground and the occult. Scorpio is a sign of Water, so his true world is in feelings, although some manifest enormous will to power. Certainly, your sign does not conform to the world of appearances, and […]

Libra personality – ambition of social recognition

Represented by the balance, Libra has a similar operation: always weighing pros and cons, the pursuit of balance and justice. As an air sign it is, it needs intellectual stimulation, reasoning, and conversation. Your taste for aesthetics and ethics often leads you to seek a perfection you can not find. Hence the indecision or dilettantism […]

Virgo personality – excess of criticism and meticulousness

Virgo is represented by a virgin with a spike in her hand, wanting to symbolize purity, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčneatness and purification that corresponds to the sign. It is a sign of Earth, which is why the tendency towards foresight, analysis and work predominates. Virgo has an analytical-critical mentality, so it is usually rational, logical, […]

Leo – a strong personality

Your sign is represented by the lion, king of the jungle, and ruled by the Sun, star king of our Solar System. As a sign of Fire you are needed to stand out by your own personality and impose your will. The natives of your sign usually develop a strong personality, often linked to a […]

Cancer personality – extremely sensitive

Your sign is represented by the crab and coincides with the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the south. Cancer is a sign of Water, that is, in which feelings predominate. Your tendency to go back in the past and your prodigious memory often give you a collector’s spirit, even antiquarian […]