2020 Yearly Astrology Predictions

As every year here is our free annual horoscope, a horoscope without the language of wood for those who wish to really understand what is happening around them without getting lost in details and other trivia too often encountered on the Web. Whatever your sign, never forget that whatever our human adventures are going on here, the planets continue to turn, alternating easy and less easy periods. All is only an eternal recommencement! This french astrology website – horoscope annuel.com – has another way to analyze the 2020 horoscope, maybe you should study it.



Everything you started in 2018 will be there to be refined and tested in 2020. This means that all the long-term plans you have developed in 2018, the commitments you made or the setbacks you’ve had will always be problem in 2020. However, this is not torture or jail time, but rather an uninterrupted chance to do things right. Saturn and Pluto being both in your 10th house of reputation, career and status, you must choose to stick to it or change dramatically and do something completely different. Power take-offs and manipulations are the worst expression of this energy – from you and others – so try using 2020 to build something like everything you’ve done before it lasts.

Broaden horizons:

Jupiter, planet of luck and beneficence, has left Scorpio and your finance house and is now entering your 9th house, home of religion, travel and philosophy. Although you have had the time to understand how to put your things together to live the life you wanted to live, you have the opportunity to understand what it is. After all, life is more than money and Aries is a natural adventurer. Take the time to travel and learn new things. Spending time in another culture gives you a personal perspective. In addition, learning other ways of thinking, whether you are learning alone or taking a college course, will help you see new opportunities for yourself, in your career, for whom you want to be in this world and what you want to be known for.


The news of the natives of the bull in 2020 will be marked by the arrival of the planet Uranus in this sign. Only 1st and 2nd decennial bulls will be affected. The 3rd decan bulls will be largely spared by all these events (not to say ‘jostling’), and will be still supported by the excellent, powerful and strong positive wave of Saturn, pluton and neptune in good appearance at this decan (Taurus 3rd decan).

In 2020 for others (1st and 2nd decan), everything is about change, but the good news is that most of the time they will be positive (for example a move that will change your life).

You may have felt the shocks of change at the end of 2018, when Uranus (the changes, the renewal, the unexpected elements) first entered Taurus. Do not rest on your laurels: Uranus returns in mid-March 2020 and with him, a completely new understanding of who you are and your place in the world. Taurus of the 1st decan, you can expect at least one major change in your personal life. However, this is an opportunity for you to review your ideas about what you think is possible. In this 2020 year, you could really become what you dreamed of being.

More in detail:

Saturn and Pluto are still in your ninth house of philosophy, travel and religion, and Neptune is in your eleventh house, that of friends, projects, and supporters. You will continue to feel attracted by humanitarian, social or associative beliefs. With Uranus forcing you to change, this is the perfect time to reflect on what you have always wanted to do but that you could not. In 2020, you can revolutionize your life!


This year will be another year of patience and long-term projects. You may feel that you are late for your peers or that you are a good luck charm for your loved ones, colleagues, and friends, but not for yourself. Pluto and Saturn are in your 8th house of finance and transformation. These two energies prepare you for a change that will change your life, even if it will take some time. You will be called to sacrifice something (probably your ego) to be transformed into someone better. Fight him and you can only hurt yourself. Let these profound transformations operate, and in a few years you will be better and stronger than you ever imagined.


Neptune is still in your 10th career home, status and vocation. These next years could give you the impression of being completely adrift. You may be disenchanted with your career if it does not give you the feeling of acting for the benefit of all, if it’s boring or if you have to focus on the details. In fact, you could gradually lose interest in your current business without even realizing it until you suddenly decide to resign or be fired.

Social life:

In general, some people may have misconceptions about you or think you are not sincere, whereas you are really honest with yourself. You are just a little lost, with the impression of moving forward in the fog for 2 or 3 years (depending on your decan). Fortunately, this impression of blur will fade significantly throughout 2020, and disappear completely for the natives of the 1st decan.

Still a little patience for others, and in the meantime, seek advice from your loved ones before making important decisions, it will certainly avoid some setbacks (deceptions, errors of appeciation, even scam or not respect your trust).


This year will be marked by the departure of Uranus from the ram, Uranus who for several years (7 years) was square to your sign, jostling regularly and unexpectedly your habits, even changing suddenly and abruptly your life via an unforeseen event for some of you. So for all cancer (including those of the 3rd decan who are still concerned by Uranus at the beginning of the year), after March 2020, ended the storms, and place new friends, new professional relations, and new projects. Except for cancer of the 3rd decan which will be slowed down or blocked by Saturn, the other cancer will have a boulevard in front of them.

This year will also focus on your relationships with your loved ones and your sense of fairness and equity, especially because it seems that no matter what happens, things just will not seem fair to you.

This may be because the north node will be in cancer in 2020, and in your first home, the ascendant, that of your personality, and that you wish to advocate more for yourself. So, because you will pay more attention to yourself, you will notice when others are trying to grab what is right or trying to manipulate you to yield to their demands or wishes. If you have to give up standing to stand up, it may be better than giving in and falling into old habits. This year, it’s about becoming the person you want to be in order to attract the people you really want in your life.

Crazy dreams and big ideas

Neptune will be all 2020 in your 9th house, that of travel and expansion, and Jupiter (luck and expansion) will be him in your 6th house (work and everyday things). This year you could consider training as part of a reorientation.

Your inner world will blossom with dreams and desires to explore new worlds, but you may feel trapped unless you can upset and change your daily life. If you are stuck in a boring routine, with the same people, with the same rituals, with the same rules, with the same meals and with the same interests, you will look for different people and experiences. You may prefer the company of different people. You might want to try new kitchens, or you might want to change jobs to do something very different.

Love and Money Horoscope 2019

All zodiac signs have the chance to change their lives in 2019, but it also depends on how they act and how the planets will move. Here’s how it will go in love or how you position yourself in finance! Also be sure to check out the annual  astrology forecast 2019 written by a great team of astrology experts,


Take advantage of this year! Work hard when you need it, but do not be afraid to relax and have fun. This is yours this year.

Aries are generally relaxed people. This star sign is full of life and energy, and so will be this year, nothing seems to stand in their way.

In love you have to control your anger The words spoken without much thought can affect your relationship with your partner. According to the forecasts, married couples should consciously avoid an extra-marital relationship. You need to make more effort to strengthen your relationship and achieve the expected results. You may be experiencing a difficult time from May to November.

Good management is needed this year to avoid financial deviations. This will also help you get your plans done. Though things may happen gradually, your ongoing work will yield the expected results.


Life will probably be less stressful this year for the native Taurus. He will not struggle with the feeling that everything hangs on his shoulders. This is the year when you withdraw from the limelight and relax.

The amorous plan will not be a good one this year, you will have disappointments, and the differences of opinion between you and your partner (life partner) will be the order of the day. You can bind new love or you can return to an old love, this year everything is possible.

With regard to finance, you have to be very careful this year. Try to avoid extra expenses. You can have ample opportunities to win, but you may not get the expected results. There are also chances of major financial losses, especially in January.

On the other hand, try to make profit from the ancestral property. You can take a loan in an attempt to fulfill all your responsibilities. You will have to be very careful about the legal issues during this period.

The state of Taurus could improve after October. Traveling with work can be beneficial.


This year, you will feel that you have more energy than usual. You can do many new things. You can try to start dramatic changes in your life. You will definitely start new projects, even if you will not give up on the old hobbies this year.

Love life will be great this year, for both the Gemini man and the woman who is part of this sign. If you are alone, but you want a partner, this could happen soon. To the others, who are engaged in a relationship, the story can be completed with a marriage.

You will not have any trouble with this year’s finances either. It is possible to get new sources of income that could increase your earnings. However, you have to control your expenses because they can increase more than in the previous year. On the other hand, at the beginning of the year, you will struggle a little in trying to earn money, but gradually things will be solved and you will be able to reach all your goals.


The natives of Cancer will also have this changing emotions this year, they will retain their materialistic and anxious side. Also, Cracs will travel a lot this year alongside their life partner.

Also, the ones themselves have every chance of finding someone. Married couples will not give up this year’s extra-marital affairs.

From a financial point of view, this year will be a good one. You may acquire new sources of income, but you will also face financial difficulties because of the extra costs. If a big investment in business is needed, which will be beneficial to you, be careful of all the details.


The leo’s personality might change a little to adapt to the circumstances that will come in 2018. This could help build their character and strengthen their complex personality.

The lion’s lover’s life could be known for ups and downs this year. You can observe the agitation in the behavior of your life partner, but do not bother, because each problem has a solution. You expect things to come to an end soon, and all your problems can disappear. Moreover, you can plan a trip abroad with your boyfriend to spend a good time.

From a financial point of view this year seems to be great for those born in this zodiacal sign. In 2018, you may not be facing a financial crisis. You are expected to invest in a new property or land, or to renounce a current property.

Your right decisions and your sharp intellect can give you huge benefits. With increased funding, spending could increase. So, keep a budget control and plan the finances well. It’s also good to not blindly believe in people this year.


From the beginning to the end of the year, the natives of this sign will be very busy. Virgoes are analytical people, pay special attention to details, so some think they are trying too much to achieve perfection. They are also caring friends. They like to do what is right and useful. These features can help Virgo in 2018.

This year your love life may be confusing. There are chances of partnering because of misunderstandings. Therefore, it is better to avoid unnecessary tension and disputes.

However, it is expected that things will be settled, and from February you will have a beneficial period. You can make more effort to win the heart of your partner, who may be experiencing certain health problems this year. We recommend that you make the decisions wisely and not be influenced by others.

In 2018, the income of those who belong to this zodiacal sign could increase significantly. You can travel abroad to expand your business. This journey is expected to be fruitful, as many new opportunities can emerge.


A dominant feature of Balance’s personality is that it strives to achieve balance on all levels. Balance native is right with others and will continue to act as pacifist for friends in 2018. They believe in fairness and equality.

In love you can get what you want in 2018. However, things will happen gradually. After March you can spend a memorable time with your life partner.

Next year will be fruitful for married couples who want a baby. Their desire may be fulfilled during this period. Also, if you are attracted to someone, you can approach it with a proposal.

Financially you can change your strategy. During this time, you will work hard to consolidate your finances and be successful. You can also get out of debt if you took a loan. From January to March there are indications that the amount you earn may increase.


This year will be for the Scorpions much more peaceful than the one before. You have worked hard, and now is the time for a small break. In 2018 you try to do things that make you happy, do not try to impress others.

Scorpions strive to be successful, and if they do all the right choices, they will have it in 2018.

Try to stay loyal to your partner and avoid adventures. On the other hand, if you are unmarried, you can get some wonderful proposals this year. Generally, you are expected to have good results on the love front.

In terms of money you have to be very careful during this time. Whatever you do, check your budget and avoid additional costs. Do not make any financial decisions in a hurry, as there are chances of financial loss.


Sagittarian’s personality has many features that can help or hurt in 2018. They are intelligent people, love to learn new things, and can be trusted partners.

Treat a man from Sagittarius or a woman well and treat you in the same way.

Sagittarius will love and be loved this year. Good news for people who are looking for a partner because they might know someone special during this time.

During this year, you may have some financial opportunities that could change your life in a meaningful way. You can get a salary increase and a significant post.

Overall, this year, you will not face a financial crisis, but you need to avoid additional spending.


Capricorn remains ambitious in 2018. He will do all he can to reach his goals. They are practical people and do not have much time for frivolous things, even if they are materialists.

The year will be a good one for your sentimental life. You will have a good relationship with your partner during this period.

At the financial level, you need to be careful during this time. This year is full of ups and downs. You may be working hard to earn money and increase your finances. You will also be confronted with expenses. So better financial planning is needed this year. However, you will enjoy the support of your parents and husband.


This year, you will need to find a balance in your life if you want to be happy. You will have to look at your past to better understand the present.

Aquarians tend to be people with eccentric personalities. It is not possible to encounter a sun sign more independently than the Aquarius. They make friends easily, but I feel no one really understands them.

On the sentimental level you will have many obstacles to overcome this year. Initially, there will be some differences in the couple relationship, so it is advisable to circumvent the disputes. Also avoid unnecessary arguments and unfounded claims. Year 2018 is not good for marriage.

Overall, the year is good in the financial field but requires work and intelligence.


This year you will have extra time to do what you like! Now is the time to renew your projects and use some of the energy that characterizes you. This state can also inspire you to try new things or make other changes in life in 2018.

In love, you have to be cautious, because at this point there are chances for some misunderstandings to occur. Wrong words can ruin your relationship.

This year there are opportunities for gain and loss. The positions of the planets suggest that your innovative ideas can lead to certain financial gains. You can also win the lottery, but take care of who you are borrowing money on.

Time is not favorable for investments in January-March. After this period, some very good options may appear and your financial position could be strengthened.

chinese new year 2019 – year of the earth pig

The Chinese zodiac or shengxiao is a 12-year repeating circle, each year represented by an animal and associated with its attributes. Traditionally these zodiac signs are used to date the years. In the right order are rats, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, pig and pig.

For a long time, in China, the years have been designated by a combination of 10 heavenly stems with the 12 earth branches, resulting in a 60-year cycle. The twelve earth branches are Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai. Every Chinese horoscope corresponds to an earth branch.


Which is your Chinese horoscope?

Your zodiac sign can be found through your year of birth, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Use a calculator and calculate your own sign.

Do you know if it’s happy or not when your own zodiac sign comes? Read here.
Every animal has a symbolic meaning

Just like the stars in your horoscope, every Chinese zodiac has its own symbolic meaning.

Why these 12 animals?

The selection of the 12 animals have a close connection with our everyday life. You can divide the 12 animals into 3 groups. We Chinese keep buffalo, horse, goat, rooster, pig and pig for a long time as pets and some help with physical labor. In group 2 are game and hunting animals such as tiger, monkey, snake, hare and rat. One more place is for the dragon. This fairytale-like animal symbolizes happiness for the Chinese and combines in itself many peculiarities of other animals.

Why is there no cat in the Chinese horoscope? The answer can be found here.
The Chinese Zodiac has two different starting dates!

In contrast to Western astrology, according to the Chinese calendars, the twelve zodiac signs are valid for the entire year. They are repeated every 12 years. The traditional calendar is a solar calendar with 24 periods of 15 days each. The first period is called the beginning of spring and falls on the 4th or 5th of January. There are two possible dates when the new Chinese zodiac sign will begin, but none will fall on the 1st of January! China traditionally has two calendars: the solar and lunar calendars.

The lunar calendar is 12 or 13 months old and begins with the Chinese New Year, which is between January 21 and February 20.

For most Chinese, Chinese New Year is the start of the new zodiac sign. But for the astrologers and fortunetellers is the beginning of spring.

Ranking of the horoscope and why a 12-year cycle?

The zodiac signs have long been rooted in Chinese culture. The exact origins have been unknown, but there is a close relationship between astronomy in China and how dates and times used to be calculated. This created the 10 heavenly stems and the 12 earth branches. To conceal the similarity, the zodiac signs were probably estimated to be an ancient time and are considered very old.

During the third century of the Han dynasty, one day was only 12 hours long, and since the rat was active in the dark, it was placed at the top of the zodiac signs. It was therefore for the time of the night today (23 to 1 clock), at midnight. The buffalo’s second sign of the zodiac eats grass in the morning (1 to 3 o’clock) when the rat then went into its nest or hole. After the time of the activity then the remaining 10 zodiac signs integrated into the cycle.

Traveling not only gives you new landscapes and experiences, but also brings new energy into your life according to the teachings of the supersensible. Where else could you find new happiness and positive energies on a journey?

The southwest is a very excellent region for rat, tiger, hare and monkey, a hiking trip in southwest China is a good choice.

For pigs and snakes to fortify their luck, a trip to northwest China is recommended, take a look at our adventure journey through Silk Road.

The preferred direction for goat and pig is south. Why not even travel to Guilin? Guilin karst landscape with longsheng rice terraces.

Unlike goat and pig, steer and horse should travel to north China, join us on our Beijing trip.

For the best travel experience in 2019, the rooster should come to West China. A trip to Tibet and Mt. Everest sounds good.

Believing the principles of the Chinese calendar, the coming year will be a very special one. In the year of the pig, which stands for equality and justice, values ​​such as helpfulness, humanity and fair play get more space in society. The focus is also on life-oriented solutions and sensible approaches.

The Chinese New Year 2019 will be celebrated this year on February 16th: The beginning of the year is based on the Astronomical Farmers Calendar, which dates the first new moon between January 21st and February 21st. On this day, the year of the pig 2019 begins, which according to the Chinese understanding embodies loyalty, diligence and loyalty.

Converted to the human value system, the coming months stand for principledness, a sense of justice, integrity and keen observation. The basic qualities of the pig will be further supported by the element earth in 2019, symbolizing the sense of reality, logical thinking, discipline, perseverance and reliability.
The year of the pig: Twelve Zodiac, five elements and 60 lunar years

The Chinese horoscope has existed for some 5,000 years and has a more complicated approach than Western astronomy. It is based on a 60-year cycle of the Chinese era and results from the combination of the twelve earth branches and the ten heavenly tribes. The earth branches correspond one to one to the Chinese Zodiac: in their cycle, the Chinese star signs begin with the rat, followed by ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, goat (sheep), monkey, rooster, pig, and pig.

The ten heavenly tribes in turn consist of Yīn and Yáng as well as the five elements (also called transformation phases): fire, earth, water, wood and metal. These act as forces on the human being.

• Fire: decisiveness, expressiveness, dynamism
• Earth: sense of reality, logical thinking, reliability
• Water: flexibility, fine sense of emotions
• Wood: ethics, growth, diverse interests
• Metal: righteousness, clarity, perseverance

What does the Earth pig mean in the Chinese Horoscope 2019?

The year of the Earth pig manifests itself in love in increased willingness to bind, which does not spare even freedom-loving singles. Even individualists want to commit themselves longer term, if they meet the right partner. Marriages that will be closed in 2019 should have more chances of lasting. In interpersonal relationships, honesty and modesty remain the best way to deepen friendships or build relationships.

When it comes to health, classical exercise such as gymnastics, hiking, cycling and cautious nutritional methods are again part of the game – not risky sports or experimental diets. In the profession, reliability and care are very important. Superficiality and carelessness fly up quickly. Creativity is appreciated as long as the ideas remain workable and true to life.

Unrealistic, innovative and extraordinary solutions have little chance. In finance, sound economics and predictive computing count – risky investments, gambling and daring speculation can quickly come to mind.

Horoscope 2018 – lucky zodiac signs

The new year 2018 we meet twice: according to the Gregorian and the Eastern calendar. Which animal is the patron of 2018? It will be the Yellow Earthen Dog, which is considered a kind and calm animal.

The astrological forecast for 2018 promises us peace and balance in all spheres of life. On Earth there will be less conflicts and wars. Relationships will differ in mutual understanding and tolerance. People will become more restrained and responsive, and will also be able to develop the inner peace and strengthen their positions. Mankind will plunge into the atmosphere of happiness, tolerance and respect.

Colors for Aries for the New Year

On New Year’s Eve, Aries needs to be sensitive to the choice of shades of festive attire. Immediately eliminate the purple color, and give preference to raspberry, red, blue and orange. As decorations, focus on rubies, carnelian, emerald and diamonds. These stones will bring good luck and prosperity. Aquamarine immediately set aside – it will “take away” from you positive energy. Earrings, a ring or a pendant in the form of a golden fleece is what Aries needs.
Color for Taurus on New Year’s Eve

If you have a zodiac sign Taurus, then add a green, sky-blue and yellow hue to the New Year’s dress. The main thing is that these colors unobtrusively complement each other, and not stand out from the general scale. It is not recommended to use a red tone in clothes. Better replace it with orange or red. Jewelry can choose those that emphasize your charm – citrine, emerald, sapphire and tender turquoise. If you put on a brooch in the form of an owl, then in the general image there will be an original “zest”.
Dress color for Gemini

Horoscope prepared for Gemini tips that will help to celebrate the New Year fully armed and positive. Clothes should be aged in light colors – blue, gray, yellow. Colors such as orange, pervanche and purple are also ideal. Green shades are best not to use in attire. But you can give preference to the mask, as well as silver and gold jewelry with rock crystal, jasper and garnet. Brooch with agate and diamonds – the most chic! The luck will bring a suspension in the form of a snake.
New Year’s attire and Cancer

Cancer in the New Year 2018 should be dressed up in clothes, where there are blue, white, silver or blue shades. Just exclude frank gray. Green-eyed Cancers can choose clothes of bright pea tone. To win Lady Luck, you can experiment in jewelry with emerald and ruby. They must be framed in silver or gold. Well, if you put on an earring or a ring with a “moon” stone, then all the stars will converge in the sky into a smile just for you.

Colors attire for Leo

The colors of the New Year for the Lion are sunny and bright. After all, you like to be in the center of attention and “shine” like a heavenly star on a summer day. Take the aim – golden, purple and scarlet. Well, for contrast, make a black edging on the clothes. The white color on such a holiday is not for the Lion. As for ornaments, they should be with amber, diamond, opal or ruby. A pendant or a pendant in the shape of a ladybird will entice luck, love and financial well-being into life.
New Year and color for Virgo

On New Year’s Eve, the Virgin is best to choose the following shades in clothes: green, white, purple and gently blue. Get effective, original and attractive! From the precious stones in the festive decoration it is worth noting, paying attention to sapphires of yellow color, jade, agate, jasper, topaz and carnelian. If you want to be in a positive mood, impress others and attract luck, then the Virgo should decorate the wardrobe with a pendant or brooch in the form of a grasshopper.

New Year’s Eve for Libra

What to choose Libra as a holiday dress? It is better to seek advice from a horoscope to stand out from the multifaceted crowd and become even more charming. It is desirable to focus on pastel colors – aquamarine, blue (dark) and green. The external image will become more refined if you add to it jewelry made of sapphire, diamonds, moonstone, pearls, coral or opal. Success and prosperity Libra bring a “heart”, which can be used in pendant, ring or suspension.
Scorpio and New Year

Pluto is the patron of Scorpio, so this planet can be used in a New Year’s wardrobe in the form of a talisman. It can be a scorpion – a pendant, a pendant or something unusual. For example, steel and iron decoration in the form of a gate, staircase or lattice. In 2018, it is necessary to focus on cast-iron objects in the house. They will bring luck to Scorpio in business. White metal and silver, too, are ideal for a holiday dress. Clothing should be highlighted in yellow and red shades. As for the stones, this is an aquamarine, beryl, rock crystal, ruby, topaz, malachite or coral.
Colors of the New Year for Sagittarius

Those who were born under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius, you must meet another year in the house, which is covered with a roof of iron. Then you can count on the protection of the planet Jupiter, who is the patroness of Sagittarius. It is necessary to take closer attention to one another. Add in it colors such as burgundy, blue, purple, blue, purple and red (dark). Emphasis on ornaments in the form of a horseshoe or lizard. Agate, sapphire, emerald, chrysolite, turquoise and amethyst – these are the stones that will make your life more successful.

Capricorn and New Year’s Eve

If in an apartment where Capricorn is going to celebrate the New Year, there are outdoor clock-chimes, then this place is ideal for celebration. In that case, Luck will not depart from you a single step. Patrons throughout the year will be – hell, the cat is black, Mars and Saturn. As the color of the New Year, choose black, as well as dark shades of blue, gray, green and brown. You can experiment with the yellow tone, but do not overdo it. Ornaments for Capricorn should be elegant and not “screaming” – agate, ruby, garnet. It is allowed to use onyx, lapis lazuli and moonstone in the decoration.

What to wear with Aquarius

On New Year’s Eve, Aquarius can be dressed up in clothes, where there are green, blue and purple hues. Emphasize the skirt, dress or shirt with a gray finish. If you add to the wardrobe silver jewelry or a pendant made of white gold, this will give an image of a unique chic. Sophistication and Luck will help bring to life Aquarius the following stones – lapis lazuli, sapphire, amethyst, blue topaz. Well, and add to the outfit does not prevent the ring, pendant or cufflinks in the form of stars. Then it’s just that without success and prosperity you will not be left!

chinese astrology 2018 – year of the brown earth dog

2018, according to Chinese astrology, is the year of the earth Dog
Will begin on February 19, 2018 with the Chinese New Year, to end
On 07 February 2016, leaving room for the Chinese sign of the Fire Monkey.
This Chinese Horoscope 2018 allows you to understand the lines
Of your destiny in 2018, to know exactly where you are at
In one area or another, to be able to tie between
Possible pitfalls and to take full advantage of the currents of luck – in a word,
To direct your life in the direction you want to reach the

We are confident that reading our Chinese Horoscope 2018
Will prove to be a great way to approach the New Year of Good
foot. You will then be able to make your year a period
Successful and very happy of your existence.
In the Chinese horoscope, the sign of the earthen Dog symbolizes the
Twists and turns, the vagaries of life, pirouettes of all kinds,
In short, fantasy …

According to the Chinese astro, your 2018 year should therefore be surprising,
Panting and exciting. Just that ! To learn more about what

You reserve 2018, check out your Chinese horoscope 2018 right now. Sign
By Chinese sign, your Chinese horoscope forecasts you
Will reveal your year 2018 under the sign of love, well-being and

In a year of the dog (the dog), one must expect everything and especially
unexpected. Theatrical performances will take place over a
Week and even day, in society as well as in families. Those who
Have fragile nerves will experience painful moments; Those who have
Sense of humor, on the other hand, will enjoy themselves.
What is reassuring in the year of the dog is that all
And dangerous as they may appear, will eventually
General in a perfectly innocuous manner. Terrible situations
For lack of judgment and wisdom on the part of the
Responsible, then a reversal will occur just in time to prevent
The disaster that was believed to be inevitable. One has only to remember one
Event in 1967 to realize it.
The Sheep is described as free, creative, emancipated. He is an artist
In the soul, resisting authority and often spending. He got on well with
Rabbit and Pork, and very badly with Beef, described as being
Dictatorial, determined and rebellious.

The Year of the dog will also be conducive to the development of all
Arts and more particularly to music and theater. The
Muses will be ready to blow untiringly. Artists and Comedians
Expect better days: the public will appreciate them and
admire. Enjoy this year to indulge in an Ingres violin
any. You will make progress easily. It is possible that you
Become a true virtuoso, but an artistic pastime is the
The best antidote against melancholy, pessimism, and the sorrows that
Inevitably involves our life on earth. Also,
Possible for theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions,
etc. These activities will not only provide you with ineffable joy and
Noble, but also sharpen your artistic sense.
There will be no difference if children are born in beautiful or
Bad season: the Bouc has a flexibility and a capacity of adaptation

The dog is the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.
Sweet, sensitive, she is calm and often timid.
She likes to live in harmony with her environment, hates conflicts, and
Fully flourishes only in the environments under its control, and
Where she feels safe.
Often lacking confidence in herself, she enjoys being surrounded
Close friends and a partner who reassure and protect her.
Creative nature, people of the sign of the dog like to express
Their talents in their homes, which they often favor
In relation to his work.
Subject to sudden changes in mood as it is very sensitive to
Vibrations that surround it, it needs a lot of love and
Attention to feel reassured.

Pisces 2018 horoscope – how it’s going to be for pisces

The influence of the planets on the sign of Pisces, and according to the decan, depends largely on two steeds, Saturn [3rd decan] and Neptune [2nd decan], even if Saturn in Sagittarius, until December 20th, is Present for the whole sign instead of the solar house X, and that the planetary phases in tension [series of squares Jupiter-Pluto and oppositions Jupiter-Uranus] will act differently according to the natal chart of each. I learn that it’s going to be a great 2018 year for pisces..at leasts this are the astrologers from this website http://www.horoscope-2018.org/pisces-2018-forecast/ tell us

For all, the “situation” [solar house X] and the financial life dominate this annual cycle, especially in the first semester [long passage from Venus to Aries from 3 February to 6 June] in solar house II, then the influence will be confirmed During the last quarter of the year with Jupiter in Scorpio [especially 1st-2nd decan].

The meaning of an effort on the situation will be more or less important, and felt, according to the decanate to which you belong, and more by the 3rd [square Saturn-Sun of birth]; However, for some, and sometimes even at the cost of a change of assignment, or administrative position, or even a deeper mutation, “elevation” [Saturn] and “progress” [Uranus] are promised to you Of this annual cycle.

The Jupiter-Pluton and Jupiter-Uranus tensions [solar axis II / VIII] can influence a legacy issue, with several episodes. But also, in other cases, the capital of companies [assets / liabilities] and a redistribution of cards.

– 1st decan: clear of the constraints and hesitations, the disturbances, the tension between Saturn and Neptune [square Saturn-Neptune], both in the social and private way, during your annual cycle 2018 your intentions as well as your achievements are facilitated , In particular in the first half of the year (financial life and social channel), then with the assistance of Jupiter at the trigon of your decan, from October 10 to November 25 approximately. You will see a situation change; Rejoice.

2nd decan: for the most part it is the conjunction Neptune-Sun of birth [native of the first 4-5 days of the decan] that dominates your annual cycle, a celestial state lived once in a lifetime, Its importance, according to the position of each in society; More generally, the passage Neptune-Sun of birth installs the situation of a “tide of a solar state”, in simple language: authority, position success, creation [artistic way], collective direction , An election [association, group, politics], in short, a valuation of position [word for word: a popular bottom blade + a crown = a king, a president, an elected official, a deputy, , A leader, etc.].

You are, then, 2nd decan, well enough to win the votes in the social concert, and no doubt deserve it, in your place. But, in order to succeed fully and certainly, you must absolutely open yourself to the energies of your sign: communion, participation, pity, sharing with an assembly, a community, a people; Otherwise, you may experience a failure.

The various tensions between Jupiter-Pluto [previous square 2016, 25 Nov. 2016, then 30 March, 4 August 2018] and Jupiter-Uranus [previous opposition 2016, Dec. 26, 2016, then 3 March, 28 September 2018] are not to be overlooked and may concern finance as well as affairs in general [assets / liabilities], not without polemics and shocks, but in each other We can think that a solution, at least an agreement, a compromise, will occur during the third quarter, especially during November or early December [trigone Jupiter-Neptune, December 3].

On the heart side, many of you will meet “the lucky one” and form a couple. The “procreation” is also highlighted.

3rd decan: the celestial state of completion and valorization is similar to that of the 1st-2nd decan, but Saturn to the square of your Sun – decan – adds, if not an indecision, some delay or obstacle. Yet, this past course, you are the most sign of the most likely to achieve and reach a position [career] to which you long for, sometimes years [promotion, or mutation to another] . Things being what they are, between approach, negotiation [1st half], that is the return gives you reason, or a postponement on the last quarter will affirm your ambition; To the truth, here is a calculation between your present position, the perspective of an elsewhere – another position, another situation – and the financial counterpart [or “position”], everything requiring retrogression, negotiation , And ultimately your decision.

The natives of the Pisces sign have a highly developed intuition that allows them to understand and help others. They generally devote themselves to an ideal that guides their professional and sentimental lives.

The sign isces is dominated by the influence of Neptune, Jupiter and Venus. Neptune represents spirituality, romanticism, altruism. Jupiter symbolizes optimism, abundance, fulfillment. Venus represents femininity but also the arts.
Water Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, from their correspondence with the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The sign Pisces is a sign of Water, just like the sign Cancer and the sign Scorpio. The Water element brings to these signs the imagination, the sensibility but also the lack of realism.
Love life

Fish seek fusion in their love life and may be possessive. They dream of a deep and tender relationship with a sensitive partner who shares their need for spirituality. Here are the different combinations * which can give impassioned unions or lasting unions.
Passion Combinations

A passionate combination will give sparks! The resulting loving union can be ardent … but short – lived. Conflicts are quite inevitable, which does not prevent love from rounding off the angles.

Fish & Fish
Fish & Aries
Fish & Aquarius
Fish & Gemini
Fish & Lion
Fish & Virgo
Fish & Balance

The Fish & Fish combination is the strongest of the passionate combinations. Good to know: the sign Virgo is the opposite of the sign Pisces. You are warned!
Harmonious and complementary combinations

A harmonious and complementary combination is to be preferred if you dream of a stable and peaceful union. It is conducive to marriage and family life.

Fish & Taurus
Fish & Cancer
Fish & Sagittarius
Fish & Scorpion
Fish & Capricorn

The combinations Pisces and Taurus as well as Pisces and Capricorn are the most stable of harmonious and complementary combinations.
* These indications are to be considered with caution: one must take into account its ascendant and the ascendant of the spouse. On the other hand, every human being is unique and is not limited to the characteristics of his sign. Never make a decision about your couple without first considering your personal story and feelings.

2018 Horoscope – learn about next year main astrological events

A fire for you in many ways, but especially in the area of relationships and courageous initiatives that can change the trajectory of life and destiny. It will not be simple, but you are already familiar with the effort, the work and the stress, so you will not be surprised by the year 2017 with its challenges altogether. However, it can be a year of accomplishments, accomplishments, gaining success with greater ease.

Even if the year begins with a seeming silence, even with the feeling of exhaustion, as if nothing new is going to show up under the sun, well as it approaches February, you will feel the heels of your adventures as an adventure cook , Initiative, new, opening, unpaved, passionate love, unique project … Depending on the personal horoscope, the plants present in Aries (Venus and Mars) will put you on fire and push you to play with Fire . Click here if you want to know how the year 2018 will be from the perspective of astrologer John Terry .

By way of love, Venus will downgrade this year to Aries + Pisces, and in March-April, Aries must reevaluate a love affair, eventually try to correct some mistakes or miscarriages. It is very important this period, which can help you to achieve what you want and how to get what you want in a sentimental plan and on the other hand you are aware of certain relationships that need to be modified, adjusted, reconfigured . It is not excluded that some feelings will disappear, and some relationships, including friendship, will give Aries the forlorn in the first part of the year.

But in the first part of the year, you have a lot of energy to start projects, make speeding up things to advance professionally and not only to design a business, a career or just a life course, with a lot of courage and inventiveness. It’s time to get up, to defend a cause, to take the necessary steps for a dream or something you want. Keeping the proportions and avoiding the invasion of the others’ space, preferring.

However, the results and the actual achievements and changes, the decisions taken and the initiatives are the month of May and November. Then you seem to have the opportunity to implement your own revolutionary ideas and to build something right and solid in your life and future. But, attention, with patience and responsibility. But also with openness to a very good teaching, and towards a change and / or tossing beliefs and beliefs. Studies are advantaged. Research, controlled evolution and discipline are in favor of Saturn, who is still in Sagittarius, in the 9th house of Aries, and in 2017.

In other terms, it is a relationship by definition, because Jupiter will stand by October in the sign of Balance, and will pull the strings so that they realize the importance of relationships and team, cooperation and diplomacy In everything you do and realize. It’s also a year in which you have to decide either right or left on a relationship that you were not sure you want to keep. Until October, you have to decide what you do, with whom and where.

The beautiful part is that many roads and many partnerships open, there are plenty of opportunities for public exposure, and if you use all these avatars with head, caution and wisdom, you will only have to win.

Acute / hot care periods require more presence than usual in March, late September and early November, when breaks, shocks, situation extinctions, abuse, surprises of all sorts of relationships are possible. Then ruptures can be decided, but also inheritances, they may have depreciations, trajectory changes within the partnerships.

From October, Jupiter moves into Scorpio and can open the appetite to Aries to connect to a deeper level with someone. Then commitments are made, goods are distributed, agreements are made, and each partner’s contribution is established, both emotionally and emotionally.

Aries for a year since October 2017 can get more from the people around, give them advantages, gifts, easy winnings. They are lucky to get funding, sponsorships. And they have more ease in all approaches to taxes, taxes, dards of all kinds. I can know someone who is prosperous or can get material benefits through a partner.

For Taurus, it’s a year of change, clarification and delimitation. Especially in an intimate and professional setting, where you seem to have made certain adjustments and steps to advance and expand in some projects started in 2016.

However, the most notable change with long-term effects to a very long time, for any Taurus, but especially for those conscious and engaged in a process of self-knowledge and personal transformation, is that of consciousness, beliefs, life philosophy And approach to life in general. Bulls have been experiencing challenging experiences for years, basically removing them from the comfort zone and the familiar environment, forcing them to revise the set of values and beliefs. The planets that are still responsible for this process and your increasingly intense quests are Uranus (Aries) and Pluto (Capricorn), which remain in these signs in 2016. So, self-exploration continues, and Changes of will or need, the same. It seems that travels have a spiritual or evolutionary purpose and are not (just) relaxation and pleasure, especially those beyond the borders, over long distances.

An important aspect in 2017, it represents, as I mentioned above, the intimate, emotional and romantic plan. First of all, because Venus, the mask of the Taurus, is downgrading in March-April, which makes her stay in Aries + Fish long enough. Especially in Aries. So by mid-May, when Venus finally leaves the relegation area, you are dealing with relational clarifications, possibly resuming an older relationship. The first months of the year actually ask you to make yourself aware of your feelings about someone, especially if it’s a relationship you kept secret.

Not only in the romantic relationship is the need for adjustments, but also in other relationships, which now need to be evaluated more carefully and perhaps some need to give up to make room for some new, more useful and functional, but primarily more appropriate. Contracts also need to be reviewed, rethought, corrected or renegotiated if necessary.

In addition, Saturn remains in the area of intimacy, taboos and resources of others, and after the bottlenecks experienced in 2016, it will now be easier to put in order a series of financial issues, goods and money in common with others. You will also be able to draw clearer boundaries between you and others, and if it was a break-up or even a divorce in 2016, you can now divide equally some goods …

Saturn also makes you aware of some sexual inhibitions and / or stiffness with respect to the intimate relationship, sexual life, close connection experience with the other. And you will probably have some work to dissolve these inhibitions, or at least for their awareness.

It is important to keep cautious about the money coming from loans, credits, inheritances, sponsorships. Set up the conditions of return very clearly if necessary, always proceed within the limits of the law and abstain from moral principles.

In other words, you are professionally supported by Jupiter in Libra by October, in the sense that you can expand with your work and grow your team, improve your lucrative relationships, and even get more out of your work. However, radical changes are still possible, so be prepared.

In the area of health, Jupiter can create a tendency to excess, so there is the possibility of weight gain or increased affections due to these excesses and sedentarism that should be avoided at all costs, especially until October. Instead, a number of illnesses can find cure and relief at least.

However, if you know how to use Jupiter’s energy, you can wake up in a creative momentum and with a lot of fresh enthusiasm, often.

The last 3 months bring contract and partnership opportunities, socially controlled and successful social exposure, and for some natives, they can even make a decision on whether to formalize a romantic relationship.

Get ready for 2018 – chinese year of the DOG

Chinese Zodiac: I calculate the sign and are general characteristics. Chinese zodiac refers to the time of birth, but not at a certain time of year, but the year itself. The year of birth and not the month or day are important for establishing the sign we are born, according to the Chinese zodiac. Therefore, all those born in a year will be the same sign in the Chinese zodiac, regardless of the day or month. Learn more about your sign in the article below.
Chinese Zodiac – calculation signs and general characteristics

Chinese zodiac signs comprise 12 and 12 animals. It is about 12 animals, according to legend, were presented at the meeting with the Buddha, when he has called to say goodbye.

To determine which of the 12 signs are positioned, year of birth is very important.

There is a 12-year cyclicity of these symbols. This means that those born 12 years apart will belong to the same signs in the Chinese zodiac.

To find out exactly what sign of the Chinese zodiac are, see below astrological calculations.

You are part of the sign of the Rat, if you were born in one of the years: 1912 1924 1936 1948 1960 1972 1984 1996 2008

Rats are smart, resourceful and versatile. Intuitive and with a great capacity to respond to any situation, they are very adaptable to any environmental conditions.

Thanks to the imagination and spirit of observation highly developed they see opportunities and know how to better use like any other sign of the Chinese zodiac.

I am very curious and also very skilful.

Chinese zodiac – Ox

if you were born in one of the years: 1913 1925 1937 1949 1961 1973 1985 1997 2009

Ox is among the most diligent and predictable signs of the Chinese zodiac. Workers, loyal and devoted, they are employees model, able to carry out the task they receive any.

Have an honest character and are totally dedicated to family and work. Traditional and conservative, buffalo rarely out of routine. When they propose a total mobilizes purpose and, slowly and perseverance will always get where they wanted.

They are not impossible targets only give them time to attain their personal pace and not try to rush them.

Chinese zodiac – Dog

If you were born in one of the years: 1922 1934 1946 1958 1970 1982 1994 2006 2018

The dog is loyal, kind, honest, cautious and prudent. With a strong sense of loyalty dog is capable of anything for people who believe. Not excel in communication and sometimes she is difficult to express and convey their ideas to others, creating the impression of a stubborn personalities. Chinese Year 2018 is the year of the dog. For a detailed guide and much more please visit this link .

With a good nature, the dog is not dishonest. He only needs a peaceful life and a good family. Always ready to help others sometimes ignore their own interests. Where are deceived and betrayed feel shocked and hurt.

Chinese zodiac – tiger

if you were born in one of the years: 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 2010

Tiger is courageous, competitive and very confident. Charming and charismatic tiger always knows how to behave and what to say to make themselves liked and admired. But it tends to become capable, impetuous and irritable, overly exaggerating things.

With a difficult and tough personality is manifested with courage and sometimes arrogantly. I am very bossy and never do not give back what they have said or proposed.

With a high level of confidence and courage almost willful tiger is a leading competitive and can have great achievements in anything, provided they are not motivated by money or power.

Chinese zodiac – rabbit (cat)

if you were born in one of the years: 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 2011

Rabbit or cat in some zodiac, tends to be a yarn elegant, gentle, quiet and also keep alert, fast and skillful! Rarely catch a rabbit in a state of inattention, being constantly vigilant and responsible.

However, rabbits can easily become as shallow, stubborn, melancholy and very secluded.

Generally people belonging to sign rabbit or cat have pleasant character.

Chinese Zodiac – Dragon

if you were born in one of the years 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012

Some animals Chinese zodiac, the dragon is only imaginary, having no corresponding reality. It is the sign most powerful and vibrant of all the zodiac and the Chinese, if they have a baby dragon, is considered extremely lucky and blessed!

Also, the dragon is impetuous, irascible and known for his sharp tongue and unforgiving. Dominic and ambitious, they are made to lead and become leaders.

Endowed with an innate courage, tenacity and intelligence, dragons are enthusiastic and confident, not afraid of challenges and are always willing to take risks!

Chinese zodiac – Snake

if you were born in one of the years: 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001 2013

People born in the sign of the Snake are the most intuitive of all the zodiac. They follow their own judgment only with perseverance in everything they do and hate to fail! Mysterious and enigmatic charisma and they are attractive to others.

Always know how to move and how to talk. Are a symbol of wisdom and although not talk a lot, say a lot in a few words.

They are associated with the great thinkers. They prefer to work alone and rarely can team up with someone else. Either way, they need time and space to fit in properly.

Leo 2018 horoscope – a better astrological forecast

Like all horoscopes, this is an astral weather that is addressed to all people born under the sign of the lion. As your astral chart is UNIQUE in the world, no one else has the same as yours, even if you have a twin. These astrological forecasts are therefore necessarily of a general nature, and are therefore not valid for all.

General climate of the year:

This year Lion friends will be, along with the sagittarius, one of the great winners of the zodiac. Indeed, as early as summer 2018, all fires will be green in most areas of your life (or almost) thanks to Jupiter that will enter your sign. After a half-hearted start to the year, you will feel a genuine renewal blowing into your life. The period will then be conducive to re-orienting you, changing jobs or starting new projects.

This year will be one of the best areas of your life. Indeed, Jupiter will arrive in your sign in July, and will bring you a real renewal in love.

As a couple: The months follow one another and are similar in a calm and harmony that you have not known for a long time. Only a few possible family concerns (Saturn in your solar home 4) could temporarily petturate your couple (in August / September 2018), but this will be of no consequence (provided you do not pack yourself too much!). Possible arrival of a child this year or in 2015.

Single: Because of Saturn in square scorpion to your sun in lion, your celibacy could weigh you a little at the beginning of the year. Do not succumb to the temptation to curl up on yourself because you will have real opportunities to make a beautiful and real meeting starting in the summer and especially around the months of October of November 2018.
Get out and see people! You will thus put all the chances on your side to make this beautiful encounter that could last! …

Leo, your astrological forecast, you are the kings of the zodiac, noble, loyal, proud and radiant. Fixed sign, you represent the heart of summer, the warmth and intensity of the fire. You are, like your master planet the Sun, the incarnation of will, love, power and trust. You may at times fish for excess of vanity, but your sincere generosity always catches you. You hate pettiness and narrow-mindedness. You make charismatic leaders and know how to train behind you a court of admirers. This year, heaven has a lot of surprises for you, and you will find a smile and a desire to undertake. Come discover the highlights of 2018 and regain your morale of winner thanks to the planets!

This year you will have some work to do, for sure. During the first semester, you may have to face more or less hidden professional rivalries. Keep yourself from any excesses and actions that would not be 100% honest, as this could backfire on you. Stay away from anything that is not clear, if you can.
In any case, it is during the second semester that you can act, when Jupiter, the great protector, will enter your sign. He will stay there for 1 year! As soon as you feel it, you can shoot down your cards and go ahead. If it is not in 2018 (it all depends on the position and the number of your planets in Leo), success will make you smile in 2015!

The presence of neptune well aspected in your solar house 8 should give you a good intuition regarding one or more investments to be made. Possible return of unexpected money during the second half (if your venus is in leo). Can be from a remote person.

Personal and Social Life in 2018

Magnet everything out of the ordinary this year is yours!
Uranus is mostly in Aries this year, and aware of which, it creates interesting and harmonious aspects with planets both in your sign and another sign of fire, Sagittarius.
For this reason, you will be faced with interesting new challenges requiring you to be more often on your guard. Your friends will turn to you to help them solve their problems. Your family will seek from you a piece of advice that could get someone close to a crisis.
If it sounds intimidating, you’ll be happy to know that your inner strength and endurance will live up to it. In addition, your mental sensitivity will be able to cope with the most mundane constraints as if they did not exist. It could make you feel like a superhero. If you know when you will fold and leave the precious “me”, you can sail until 2018 with ease.

Love in 2018 for couples

The beginning of the year may be unstable but some misunderstandings can be transformed into an opportunity to re-establish a bond that allows you to live strong moments especially when you are both on the same wavelength. It is up to you to ensure that these moments count, by expressing your benevolence without reserve. Once the summer has arrived, your couple will be more united, you will want to build a family atmosphere. Nothing will make your couple stronger than having a common goal by creating a friendly home for friends and family.
By the end of the year your common path will be blessed by the presence of Jupiter. When it comes to solving the problems of life, two opinions are better than one.

Love in 2018 for singles

Your love life can be dotted with moments of fire for the first part of the year, but the Moon in Sagittarius trigone Jupiter in Leo on August 5 and 6, which will allow you to have opportunities to meet
August 17 will be a key date for you when Venus unites Jupiter in your sign. Your self-confidence comes first and becomes a powerful attraction for others.
The influence of Libra on your sky map in October and Capricorn at the end of December will boost you to maintain a new relationship ahead. Expect an occasional date to bring back the surprise if expected.

Career and money in 2018

Your professional life may seem like a whirlwind of scattered ideas, some of which may be useless but others may be beneficial. The demotion of Jupiter and the exceptionally strong influence of Capricorn at the beginning of the year can produce more difficulty than usual, Never mind! Your fertile mind will help you in many ways to find a new job, if that is what you desire. Luck will start turning to the approach of summer, There will be fewer opportunities for misunderstandings as long as you would connect with the right person. However, there may be exchanges and negotiations that may frustrate you without reaching an agreement.

It is up to you to be the “chess master” in this game because your financial improvement will depend on the skill of the people and yours. Life will be a classroom, but with your strength of Lion you will be the first fast!

Yearly 2018 love predictions for capricorn

Find your free predictions for Capricorn sign. What does this year 2018 hold for you in your family life and love? What will be your personal and professional success? Here are all the forecasts our astrologer, for a year 2017 rich in surprises!

Your Year of Capricorn Horsescope of the Year

1st decan of Capricorn: a Capricorn capricious and indocile … if it exists! It will even be your profile rather frondeur between February and mid-May 2017. Violate some rules, do only your head, to commit joyous inconsistencies: it itches even if it disturbs. That’s it. To get down to business, learn that the best of 2017 is waiting for you (on foot) after October 11, thanks to the super powerful Jupiter in Scorpio. It motivates you, it activates all your resources and it will bring you luck (especially in November). The 2nd Decan of Capricorn will sometimes tear its hair (in Spring and summer 2017) to try to grasp the ins and outs of certain situations. God that people are complicated when Jupiter-Pluto disagreement gets involved! You will not know too much about which saint to give you because certain events and behaviors seem totally illogical to you. Do not take your head too much, leave your little anxieties in the closet and try to accommodate yourself to all this. Your situation will sometimes be uncomfortable but with a little skill and your smart side of the year (Neptune oblige …), you will fall very well on your feet. The month of December should even reserve you a very nice success. 3rd Decan of Capricorn: 2017 will make you lose a bit of your legendary and famous mastery. If you have to play the role of the dog in a bowling game from time to time, you will not hesitate long because some things (or some people) really annoy you. Notice of turbulence in February, March, during the second half of April and beginning of May, in July, in September, beginning of October and end of November and beginning of December. Jupiter-Uranus and Mars-Uranus disagreements do not go hand in hand and playing “quit or double” becomes your little mania of the year.

Capricorn’s Horoscope of the Year

1st decan of Capricorn: you may tend to confuse partner and scapegoat in February, during the second half of March and the first fortnight of May. It is the effect “Venus in Aries”. Our Capricorn is in the “selfish” and “me first! “. And why not ? Return to normal afterwards and ultra pink period announced in November. It is strong, it is good and so reassuring … 2nd decan of Capricorn: your state of pregnant woman or (already) the arrival of baby put many things in question at home. It’s sometimes disconcerting (or disturbing), it makes your relationship a bit complicated and you did not sufficiently apprehend these funny changes. Fortunately, it will not prevent a rather romantic feeling and sensual combinations as exciting as reassuring in January, June, late September, early October and during the second half of November. 3rd Decan of Capricorn: your recalcitrant moods and your various desires to send everything around suggest a couple of overheated brackets in the couple. In any case, our Capricorn does not make in half measure in 2017. It will be either red anger or red passion … The “red anger” will be mainly for late May-early June, the second half of August and beginning of November . The much more warm “red passion” is expected in late January, during the month of April and during the first fortnight of October.

Happy daysHoroscope of the Year of Capricorn

May 1st decan put everything on November and he will have fully understood the astral logic of the year 2017! If it is necessary to prove that he has all the cards in his hand and he can even amaze us, the 2nd decan will have to wait until December 2017. The flagship periods of the 3rd decan are between January 24 and February 4 , During April and during the first fortnight of October. On the heart, the first decan will forgive all its small deviations of the year between November 8 and 17. Force feelings to move forward! As for the 3rd decan, it will draw all its strength of seduction and passion late January-early February, during the month of April and during the first fortnight of October. What will bring to naught (only momentarily) the various dysfunctions that mark out this year 2017.