2018 Horoscope – learn about next year main astrological events

A fire for you in many ways, but especially in the area of relationships and courageous initiatives that can change the trajectory of life and destiny. It will not be simple, but you are already familiar with the effort, the work and the stress, so you will not be surprised by the year 2017 with its challenges altogether. However, it can be a year of accomplishments, accomplishments, gaining success with greater ease.

Even if the year begins with a seeming silence, even with the feeling of exhaustion, as if nothing new is going to show up under the sun, well as it approaches February, you will feel the heels of your adventures as an adventure cook , Initiative, new, opening, unpaved, passionate love, unique project … Depending on the personal horoscope, the plants present in Aries (Venus and Mars) will put you on fire and push you to play with Fire . Click here if you want to know how the year 2018 will be from the perspective of astrologer John Terry .

By way of love, Venus will downgrade this year to Aries + Pisces, and in March-April, Aries must reevaluate a love affair, eventually try to correct some mistakes or miscarriages. It is very important this period, which can help you to achieve what you want and how to get what you want in a sentimental plan and on the other hand you are aware of certain relationships that need to be modified, adjusted, reconfigured . It is not excluded that some feelings will disappear, and some relationships, including friendship, will give Aries the forlorn in the first part of the year.

But in the first part of the year, you have a lot of energy to start projects, make speeding up things to advance professionally and not only to design a business, a career or just a life course, with a lot of courage and inventiveness. It’s time to get up, to defend a cause, to take the necessary steps for a dream or something you want. Keeping the proportions and avoiding the invasion of the others’ space, preferring.

However, the results and the actual achievements and changes, the decisions taken and the initiatives are the month of May and November. Then you seem to have the opportunity to implement your own revolutionary ideas and to build something right and solid in your life and future. But, attention, with patience and responsibility. But also with openness to a very good teaching, and towards a change and / or tossing beliefs and beliefs. Studies are advantaged. Research, controlled evolution and discipline are in favor of Saturn, who is still in Sagittarius, in the 9th house of Aries, and in 2017.

In other terms, it is a relationship by definition, because Jupiter will stand by October in the sign of Balance, and will pull the strings so that they realize the importance of relationships and team, cooperation and diplomacy In everything you do and realize. It’s also a year in which you have to decide either right or left on a relationship that you were not sure you want to keep. Until October, you have to decide what you do, with whom and where.

The beautiful part is that many roads and many partnerships open, there are plenty of opportunities for public exposure, and if you use all these avatars with head, caution and wisdom, you will only have to win.

Acute / hot care periods require more presence than usual in March, late September and early November, when breaks, shocks, situation extinctions, abuse, surprises of all sorts of relationships are possible. Then ruptures can be decided, but also inheritances, they may have depreciations, trajectory changes within the partnerships.

From October, Jupiter moves into Scorpio and can open the appetite to Aries to connect to a deeper level with someone. Then commitments are made, goods are distributed, agreements are made, and each partner’s contribution is established, both emotionally and emotionally.

Aries for a year since October 2017 can get more from the people around, give them advantages, gifts, easy winnings. They are lucky to get funding, sponsorships. And they have more ease in all approaches to taxes, taxes, dards of all kinds. I can know someone who is prosperous or can get material benefits through a partner.

For Taurus, it’s a year of change, clarification and delimitation. Especially in an intimate and professional setting, where you seem to have made certain adjustments and steps to advance and expand in some projects started in 2016.

However, the most notable change with long-term effects to a very long time, for any Taurus, but especially for those conscious and engaged in a process of self-knowledge and personal transformation, is that of consciousness, beliefs, life philosophy And approach to life in general. Bulls have been experiencing challenging experiences for years, basically removing them from the comfort zone and the familiar environment, forcing them to revise the set of values and beliefs. The planets that are still responsible for this process and your increasingly intense quests are Uranus (Aries) and Pluto (Capricorn), which remain in these signs in 2016. So, self-exploration continues, and Changes of will or need, the same. It seems that travels have a spiritual or evolutionary purpose and are not (just) relaxation and pleasure, especially those beyond the borders, over long distances.

An important aspect in 2017, it represents, as I mentioned above, the intimate, emotional and romantic plan. First of all, because Venus, the mask of the Taurus, is downgrading in March-April, which makes her stay in Aries + Fish long enough. Especially in Aries. So by mid-May, when Venus finally leaves the relegation area, you are dealing with relational clarifications, possibly resuming an older relationship. The first months of the year actually ask you to make yourself aware of your feelings about someone, especially if it’s a relationship you kept secret.

Not only in the romantic relationship is the need for adjustments, but also in other relationships, which now need to be evaluated more carefully and perhaps some need to give up to make room for some new, more useful and functional, but primarily more appropriate. Contracts also need to be reviewed, rethought, corrected or renegotiated if necessary.

In addition, Saturn remains in the area of intimacy, taboos and resources of others, and after the bottlenecks experienced in 2016, it will now be easier to put in order a series of financial issues, goods and money in common with others. You will also be able to draw clearer boundaries between you and others, and if it was a break-up or even a divorce in 2016, you can now divide equally some goods …

Saturn also makes you aware of some sexual inhibitions and / or stiffness with respect to the intimate relationship, sexual life, close connection experience with the other. And you will probably have some work to dissolve these inhibitions, or at least for their awareness.

It is important to keep cautious about the money coming from loans, credits, inheritances, sponsorships. Set up the conditions of return very clearly if necessary, always proceed within the limits of the law and abstain from moral principles.

In other words, you are professionally supported by Jupiter in Libra by October, in the sense that you can expand with your work and grow your team, improve your lucrative relationships, and even get more out of your work. However, radical changes are still possible, so be prepared.

In the area of health, Jupiter can create a tendency to excess, so there is the possibility of weight gain or increased affections due to these excesses and sedentarism that should be avoided at all costs, especially until October. Instead, a number of illnesses can find cure and relief at least.

However, if you know how to use Jupiter’s energy, you can wake up in a creative momentum and with a lot of fresh enthusiasm, often.

The last 3 months bring contract and partnership opportunities, socially controlled and successful social exposure, and for some natives, they can even make a decision on whether to formalize a romantic relationship.

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