2020 Yearly Astrology Predictions

As every year here is our free annual horoscope, a horoscope without the language of wood for those who wish to really understand what is happening around them without getting lost in details and other trivia too often encountered on the Web. Whatever your sign, never forget that whatever our human adventures are going on here, the planets continue to turn, alternating easy and less easy periods. All is only an eternal recommencement! This french astrology website – horoscope annuel.com – has another way to analyze the 2020 horoscope, maybe you should study it.



Everything you started in 2018 will be there to be refined and tested in 2020. This means that all the long-term plans you have developed in 2018, the commitments you made or the setbacks you’ve had will always be problem in 2020. However, this is not torture or jail time, but rather an uninterrupted chance to do things right. Saturn and Pluto being both in your 10th house of reputation, career and status, you must choose to stick to it or change dramatically and do something completely different. Power take-offs and manipulations are the worst expression of this energy – from you and others – so try using 2020 to build something like everything you’ve done before it lasts.

Broaden horizons:

Jupiter, planet of luck and beneficence, has left Scorpio and your finance house and is now entering your 9th house, home of religion, travel and philosophy. Although you have had the time to understand how to put your things together to live the life you wanted to live, you have the opportunity to understand what it is. After all, life is more than money and Aries is a natural adventurer. Take the time to travel and learn new things. Spending time in another culture gives you a personal perspective. In addition, learning other ways of thinking, whether you are learning alone or taking a college course, will help you see new opportunities for yourself, in your career, for whom you want to be in this world and what you want to be known for.


The news of the natives of the bull in 2020 will be marked by the arrival of the planet Uranus in this sign. Only 1st and 2nd decennial bulls will be affected. The 3rd decan bulls will be largely spared by all these events (not to say ‘jostling’), and will be still supported by the excellent, powerful and strong positive wave of Saturn, pluton and neptune in good appearance at this decan (Taurus 3rd decan).

In 2020 for others (1st and 2nd decan), everything is about change, but the good news is that most of the time they will be positive (for example a move that will change your life).

You may have felt the shocks of change at the end of 2018, when Uranus (the changes, the renewal, the unexpected elements) first entered Taurus. Do not rest on your laurels: Uranus returns in mid-March 2020 and with him, a completely new understanding of who you are and your place in the world. Taurus of the 1st decan, you can expect at least one major change in your personal life. However, this is an opportunity for you to review your ideas about what you think is possible. In this 2020 year, you could really become what you dreamed of being.

More in detail:

Saturn and Pluto are still in your ninth house of philosophy, travel and religion, and Neptune is in your eleventh house, that of friends, projects, and supporters. You will continue to feel attracted by humanitarian, social or associative beliefs. With Uranus forcing you to change, this is the perfect time to reflect on what you have always wanted to do but that you could not. In 2020, you can revolutionize your life!


This year will be another year of patience and long-term projects. You may feel that you are late for your peers or that you are a good luck charm for your loved ones, colleagues, and friends, but not for yourself. Pluto and Saturn are in your 8th house of finance and transformation. These two energies prepare you for a change that will change your life, even if it will take some time. You will be called to sacrifice something (probably your ego) to be transformed into someone better. Fight him and you can only hurt yourself. Let these profound transformations operate, and in a few years you will be better and stronger than you ever imagined.


Neptune is still in your 10th career home, status and vocation. These next years could give you the impression of being completely adrift. You may be disenchanted with your career if it does not give you the feeling of acting for the benefit of all, if it’s boring or if you have to focus on the details. In fact, you could gradually lose interest in your current business without even realizing it until you suddenly decide to resign or be fired.

Social life:

In general, some people may have misconceptions about you or think you are not sincere, whereas you are really honest with yourself. You are just a little lost, with the impression of moving forward in the fog for 2 or 3 years (depending on your decan). Fortunately, this impression of blur will fade significantly throughout 2020, and disappear completely for the natives of the 1st decan.

Still a little patience for others, and in the meantime, seek advice from your loved ones before making important decisions, it will certainly avoid some setbacks (deceptions, errors of appeciation, even scam or not respect your trust).


This year will be marked by the departure of Uranus from the ram, Uranus who for several years (7 years) was square to your sign, jostling regularly and unexpectedly your habits, even changing suddenly and abruptly your life via an unforeseen event for some of you. So for all cancer (including those of the 3rd decan who are still concerned by Uranus at the beginning of the year), after March 2020, ended the storms, and place new friends, new professional relations, and new projects. Except for cancer of the 3rd decan which will be slowed down or blocked by Saturn, the other cancer will have a boulevard in front of them.

This year will also focus on your relationships with your loved ones and your sense of fairness and equity, especially because it seems that no matter what happens, things just will not seem fair to you.

This may be because the north node will be in cancer in 2020, and in your first home, the ascendant, that of your personality, and that you wish to advocate more for yourself. So, because you will pay more attention to yourself, you will notice when others are trying to grab what is right or trying to manipulate you to yield to their demands or wishes. If you have to give up standing to stand up, it may be better than giving in and falling into old habits. This year, it’s about becoming the person you want to be in order to attract the people you really want in your life.

Crazy dreams and big ideas

Neptune will be all 2020 in your 9th house, that of travel and expansion, and Jupiter (luck and expansion) will be him in your 6th house (work and everyday things). This year you could consider training as part of a reorientation.

Your inner world will blossom with dreams and desires to explore new worlds, but you may feel trapped unless you can upset and change your daily life. If you are stuck in a boring routine, with the same people, with the same rituals, with the same rules, with the same meals and with the same interests, you will look for different people and experiences. You may prefer the company of different people. You might want to try new kitchens, or you might want to change jobs to do something very different.