Aquarius personality – balance, goodness, originality, sincerity

Aquarius is represented by a man who pours the contents of a pitcher, being the only sign of the Zodiac that has a totally human symbolism.

As an air sign, he needs intellectual stimulation and understanding for words or concepts.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship and altruism. His cry of war might be that of the French Revolution – curiously, almost at the same time that Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, was discovered: “Liberty, equality and fraternity!” However, the high social awareness of the natives of this sign does not prevent them from defending their strong sense of individuality and independence.

This sign can give geniuses or early children, but also belong to him people of late development. Although, in both cases, one of its virtues is to know how to take things as they come, a special know how to be in life. It can give geniuses and personalities creative, but also unpredictable, original, eccentric or rare, so that their lives can experience sudden turns.

But Aquarius can have extreme personalities or display one of the two most prominent sub-archetypes of the sign: a) Uranian, captivating, experimenting, futuristic, vanguard or controversial, and even provocative. B) concentrate and serious. However, some Aquarius, after experiencing a revolutionary stage, become conservative or rigid.

In love, it is easy for Aquarius to have something surprising or captivating, but it should be taken into account that it is a sign that drives the desire to know or to experiment, so that if someone stops motivating you can cool down, for more enthusiasm Which he was able to show at first. He can not stand the monotony, and if his life is limited he can sour his character. He needs to share goals with his partner, to grow up happily; Otherwise you will seek your unconditional sense of freedom.

If Aquarius has a harmonic astral chart as a whole, it will allow us to appreciate the following virtues: balance, goodness, originality, sincerity, intelligence and altruism.

On the other hand, if the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, some of its most outstanding shortcomings may be the following: grouchy, withdrawn, distrustful, untrustworthy, and need to impact.

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