Astrological recommendations for Pisces – birthstones and more

Featured day:

It’s recommended for Pisces to plan their most important actions, projects, or activities for a Thursday.

BirthStones characteristic of Pisces:
It is good for the Pisces to wear jewels or talismans on the left hand or throat of the lucky stones of the zodiac:

Amethyst – a stone that enhances spiritual openness, brings love, happiness, protection, enhances psychic qualities, helps channel energy, enhances feelings of gratitude, brings peace, strength, stability and endurance;
Hematite – a stone that increases mental abilities, courage, helps concentrate and emotionally balance;
Coral – the stone that emphasizes intellectual abilities;
Aquamarine – the stone that brings courage, protection and leads to spiritual awakening;
Flourit – the stone of stability, order, discernment, concentration, helping to understand and maintain ideals and perspectives, reduce emotional involvement, increase mental strength;
Turquoise – a protective role stone, spiritual bondage and power;
Sapphire – the stone of joy, tranquility, beauty, prosperity;
Opal – the stone of creativity, inspiration, imagination.

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The metal that is characteristic of the Pisces sign is tin, so it is advisable that Pisces hold as many as possible of this metal.

The energetic color of the Pisces sign is blue, so Pisces has to dress or get around with as many different colors as this color. At night, when relaxing or resting, they must also dress in this color to restore their energy.

Suitable places:
Pisces feels good in secluded places, away from the eyes of the world, but also at photo exhibitions, poetry evenings, fishing, at church or near churches, in resorts, at a bar or on a terrace away from the world , In enclosed, isolated, secluded areas near water, lakes, sea, springs, fountains, pools, near a cave, in the bedroom.

The energy sounds:
Pisces likes slow, quiet music, quiet, without strong sounds, but it also attracts the sound of water flowing, springs of springs, wave sounds.

Life lessons:
Pisces must learn to be more determined, concentrate, avoid artificial stimuli, develop self-confidence, not wait for others to solve their problems, think positively, sacrifice for others.

The origins of the Pisces are closely related to the goddess Aphrodite and her son, Eros. In times before humans, the gods lived in huzur and peace on the crest of Mount Olympus, covered by the clouds. On earth and in the fiery Tartar, there were then titans and beings that could not be imagined by the human mind.

Their foreflies touched their skies, and their premonstrations on the ground shook the great and shattered rocks of the planet. Envious of the wealthy Olympians’ life, the Titans tried to dethrone them and started a war against them.

Of all, the most feared was Typhon, the most powerful son of the goddess-god, Gaia. Born from her belly, Typhon was bigger than the mountains and had 100 dragon heads and instead of her legs, a huge snake tail.

He entered Olimp, where he defeated Zeus himself, then pulled his tendons out of his body to give him power. By charm, Hermes cured his father and the King of the Gods defeated Typhon. However, in his absence, all the gods scattered in fear of the monster in all corners of the world.

For fear, goddess Aphrodite fled to her dearest island, Cyprus, and here she and her son changed their divine faces into two fishes and then hid themselves among the constellations.

General features for Pisces zodiac

Generally, in the Pisces sign people are born with rich and sensitive councils. Many of them can be inclined towards the occult, philosophy and mysteries, the trait they share with Scorpions. They usually have good hearts and are gentle ones that do not tolerate acts of violence or injustice.

They are very tolerant when people make mistakes and give a second chance with an open heart. That is why many are looking for the Pisces company.

They know how to listen to the other people’s wishes and empathize very well. Often they are shy and have the habit of closing in when they are injured. Despite this soul gentile, Pisces in general should not be considered weak people. I know how to keep their faces in dramatic situations and look for solutions instead of crying for mercy.