Cancer personality – extremely sensitive

Your sign is represented by the crab and coincides with the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the south. Cancer is a sign of Water, that is, in which feelings predominate.

Your tendency to go back in the past and your prodigious memory often give you a collector’s spirit, even antiquarian or historian’s hobbies. Often your outer aspect of hardness hides a great sensitivity or tenderness. And you have a tenacity comparable to that of the crab, that when it catches a prey, it lets itself break a pincer that releases it. In fact, Cancer is rubbery and may have a moral outlet.

Quite shy, in your personal relationships you need a delicate and affectionate treatment. When you receive a warm and protective treatment, you grow and fight, tenaciously defending your family. But we can also find – for different reasons – extremely sensitive Cancer, enclosed in its shell or isolated between four walls. Sometimes these two trends can alternate in different stages of the same life.

In fact, because of the extraordinary lunar influence on Cancer, one of your main problems can be the incredible ups and downs in terms of moods. Your alterable mood can make you go from laughing to crying just as easily as changing backwards. All this because the subconscious, which is lunar, is very powerful in this sign, which often gives you some subjectivity, so that your natives will see everything according to the feeling that causes you, not depending precisely on rational approaches Or goals.

Cancer absorbs whatever sponge, acting as a mirror or as a mirror depending on the treatment it receives, just as the Moon reflects the light it receives from the Sun. Although you are practical, you have a considerable capacity for fantasy and daydreaming.

In love you need, fundamentally, to build a nest, because of your protective and familiar feeling. When you are between people you know or feel close to you can communicate or talk a lot, breaking the shyness that you usually show to strangers.

In those Cancer who have a harmonic astral chart we can find the following virtues: family and home spirit, tenacity, capacity for sacrifice, adaptability and discretion.

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