Capricorn personality – responsibility, sense of duty, perseverance

Like the mountain goat, animal that represents your sign, you walk on the steepest and most solitary roads; But in the end you usually reach the almost inaccessible top. As a sign of Earth, you need to plan carefully and you are hardworking.

You know that everything has to arrive with effort and dedication, although many natives of the sign have serious problems to understand this in the first part of life. Mature-minded, you feel much safer and better in every way in maturity and old age. That’s when you tend to be more fortunate and happy.

Following your philosophy of life, you take a determination and do not faint. You plan accurately and you take your time, persevering with a sturdy perseverance. In the long run, it is possible that others, in principle brighter, will stay on the road, while you continue. Saturn, the Kronos of the Greeks, the ruler of time, is your true ally. But in the high summits always the cold solitude imposes itself, something, sooner or later, it invades to the natives of this sign. Sometimes this loneliness or melancholy that invades you comes from your distrust of life, skepticism or even rigor.

Just as the skeleton serves to keep us standing, in life we ​​need structures, schedules and organigrams as solid and resilient as possible. Your sign, which in the first part of life is usually selfish and materialistic, over the years is giving more value to things achieved by their own merits. Normally you end up being great professionals, responsible and ambitious in your goals. In addition, when your material needs are satisfied, you often seek to elevate yourself into a spiritual or artistic facet. But one of your best virtues is that you do not take unnecessary risks because you know where the limits are.

In the field of love, the social or professional status of the other person ends up weighing heavily. It’s easy for you to partner in the workplace or with someone to whom you have professional links. When you love, you tend to be a retailer.

If Capricorn has a harmonious astral chart, it will show outstanding virtues: responsibility, sense of duty, perseverance, constancy, planning, pragmatism, healthy ambition and professionalism.

However, when the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, these may be some of the main defects: suspicion, coldness, avarice, envy, extreme ambition, excess of rigor and selfishness.

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