Love and Money Horoscope 2019

All zodiac signs have the chance to change their lives in 2019, but it also depends on how they act and how the planets will move. Here’s how it will go in love or how you position yourself in finance! Also be sure to check out the annual  astrology forecast 2019 written by a great team of astrology experts,


Take advantage of this year! Work hard when you need it, but do not be afraid to relax and have fun. This is yours this year.

Aries are generally relaxed people. This star sign is full of life and energy, and so will be this year, nothing seems to stand in their way.

In love you have to control your anger The words spoken without much thought can affect your relationship with your partner. According to the forecasts, married couples should consciously avoid an extra-marital relationship. You need to make more effort to strengthen your relationship and achieve the expected results. You may be experiencing a difficult time from May to November.

Good management is needed this year to avoid financial deviations. This will also help you get your plans done. Though things may happen gradually, your ongoing work will yield the expected results.


Life will probably be less stressful this year for the native Taurus. He will not struggle with the feeling that everything hangs on his shoulders. This is the year when you withdraw from the limelight and relax.

The amorous plan will not be a good one this year, you will have disappointments, and the differences of opinion between you and your partner (life partner) will be the order of the day. You can bind new love or you can return to an old love, this year everything is possible.

With regard to finance, you have to be very careful this year. Try to avoid extra expenses. You can have ample opportunities to win, but you may not get the expected results. There are also chances of major financial losses, especially in January.

On the other hand, try to make profit from the ancestral property. You can take a loan in an attempt to fulfill all your responsibilities. You will have to be very careful about the legal issues during this period.

The state of Taurus could improve after October. Traveling with work can be beneficial.


This year, you will feel that you have more energy than usual. You can do many new things. You can try to start dramatic changes in your life. You will definitely start new projects, even if you will not give up on the old hobbies this year.

Love life will be great this year, for both the Gemini man and the woman who is part of this sign. If you are alone, but you want a partner, this could happen soon. To the others, who are engaged in a relationship, the story can be completed with a marriage.

You will not have any trouble with this year’s finances either. It is possible to get new sources of income that could increase your earnings. However, you have to control your expenses because they can increase more than in the previous year. On the other hand, at the beginning of the year, you will struggle a little in trying to earn money, but gradually things will be solved and you will be able to reach all your goals.


The natives of Cancer will also have this changing emotions this year, they will retain their materialistic and anxious side. Also, Cracs will travel a lot this year alongside their life partner.

Also, the ones themselves have every chance of finding someone. Married couples will not give up this year’s extra-marital affairs.

From a financial point of view, this year will be a good one. You may acquire new sources of income, but you will also face financial difficulties because of the extra costs. If a big investment in business is needed, which will be beneficial to you, be careful of all the details.


The leo’s personality might change a little to adapt to the circumstances that will come in 2018. This could help build their character and strengthen their complex personality.

The lion’s lover’s life could be known for ups and downs this year. You can observe the agitation in the behavior of your life partner, but do not bother, because each problem has a solution. You expect things to come to an end soon, and all your problems can disappear. Moreover, you can plan a trip abroad with your boyfriend to spend a good time.

From a financial point of view this year seems to be great for those born in this zodiacal sign. In 2018, you may not be facing a financial crisis. You are expected to invest in a new property or land, or to renounce a current property.

Your right decisions and your sharp intellect can give you huge benefits. With increased funding, spending could increase. So, keep a budget control and plan the finances well. It’s also good to not blindly believe in people this year.


From the beginning to the end of the year, the natives of this sign will be very busy. Virgoes are analytical people, pay special attention to details, so some think they are trying too much to achieve perfection. They are also caring friends. They like to do what is right and useful. These features can help Virgo in 2018.

This year your love life may be confusing. There are chances of partnering because of misunderstandings. Therefore, it is better to avoid unnecessary tension and disputes.

However, it is expected that things will be settled, and from February you will have a beneficial period. You can make more effort to win the heart of your partner, who may be experiencing certain health problems this year. We recommend that you make the decisions wisely and not be influenced by others.

In 2018, the income of those who belong to this zodiacal sign could increase significantly. You can travel abroad to expand your business. This journey is expected to be fruitful, as many new opportunities can emerge.


A dominant feature of Balance’s personality is that it strives to achieve balance on all levels. Balance native is right with others and will continue to act as pacifist for friends in 2018. They believe in fairness and equality.

In love you can get what you want in 2018. However, things will happen gradually. After March you can spend a memorable time with your life partner.

Next year will be fruitful for married couples who want a baby. Their desire may be fulfilled during this period. Also, if you are attracted to someone, you can approach it with a proposal.

Financially you can change your strategy. During this time, you will work hard to consolidate your finances and be successful. You can also get out of debt if you took a loan. From January to March there are indications that the amount you earn may increase.


This year will be for the Scorpions much more peaceful than the one before. You have worked hard, and now is the time for a small break. In 2018 you try to do things that make you happy, do not try to impress others.

Scorpions strive to be successful, and if they do all the right choices, they will have it in 2018.

Try to stay loyal to your partner and avoid adventures. On the other hand, if you are unmarried, you can get some wonderful proposals this year. Generally, you are expected to have good results on the love front.

In terms of money you have to be very careful during this time. Whatever you do, check your budget and avoid additional costs. Do not make any financial decisions in a hurry, as there are chances of financial loss.


Sagittarian’s personality has many features that can help or hurt in 2018. They are intelligent people, love to learn new things, and can be trusted partners.

Treat a man from Sagittarius or a woman well and treat you in the same way.

Sagittarius will love and be loved this year. Good news for people who are looking for a partner because they might know someone special during this time.

During this year, you may have some financial opportunities that could change your life in a meaningful way. You can get a salary increase and a significant post.

Overall, this year, you will not face a financial crisis, but you need to avoid additional spending.


Capricorn remains ambitious in 2018. He will do all he can to reach his goals. They are practical people and do not have much time for frivolous things, even if they are materialists.

The year will be a good one for your sentimental life. You will have a good relationship with your partner during this period.

At the financial level, you need to be careful during this time. This year is full of ups and downs. You may be working hard to earn money and increase your finances. You will also be confronted with expenses. So better financial planning is needed this year. However, you will enjoy the support of your parents and husband.


This year, you will need to find a balance in your life if you want to be happy. You will have to look at your past to better understand the present.

Aquarians tend to be people with eccentric personalities. It is not possible to encounter a sun sign more independently than the Aquarius. They make friends easily, but I feel no one really understands them.

On the sentimental level you will have many obstacles to overcome this year. Initially, there will be some differences in the couple relationship, so it is advisable to circumvent the disputes. Also avoid unnecessary arguments and unfounded claims. Year 2018 is not good for marriage.

Overall, the year is good in the financial field but requires work and intelligence.


This year you will have extra time to do what you like! Now is the time to renew your projects and use some of the energy that characterizes you. This state can also inspire you to try new things or make other changes in life in 2018.

In love, you have to be cautious, because at this point there are chances for some misunderstandings to occur. Wrong words can ruin your relationship.

This year there are opportunities for gain and loss. The positions of the planets suggest that your innovative ideas can lead to certain financial gains. You can also win the lottery, but take care of who you are borrowing money on.

Time is not favorable for investments in January-March. After this period, some very good options may appear and your financial position could be strengthened.

chinese new year 2019 – year of the earth pig

The Chinese zodiac or shengxiao is a 12-year repeating circle, each year represented by an animal and associated with its attributes. Traditionally these zodiac signs are used to date the years. In the right order are rats, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, pig and pig.

For a long time, in China, the years have been designated by a combination of 10 heavenly stems with the 12 earth branches, resulting in a 60-year cycle. The twelve earth branches are Zi, Chou, Yin, Mao, Chen, Si, Wu, Wei, Shen, You, Xu and Hai. Every Chinese horoscope corresponds to an earth branch.


Which is your Chinese horoscope?

Your zodiac sign can be found through your year of birth, according to the Chinese lunar calendar. Use a calculator and calculate your own sign.

Do you know if it’s happy or not when your own zodiac sign comes? Read here.
Every animal has a symbolic meaning

Just like the stars in your horoscope, every Chinese zodiac has its own symbolic meaning.

Why these 12 animals?

The selection of the 12 animals have a close connection with our everyday life. You can divide the 12 animals into 3 groups. We Chinese keep buffalo, horse, goat, rooster, pig and pig for a long time as pets and some help with physical labor. In group 2 are game and hunting animals such as tiger, monkey, snake, hare and rat. One more place is for the dragon. This fairytale-like animal symbolizes happiness for the Chinese and combines in itself many peculiarities of other animals.

Why is there no cat in the Chinese horoscope? The answer can be found here.
The Chinese Zodiac has two different starting dates!

In contrast to Western astrology, according to the Chinese calendars, the twelve zodiac signs are valid for the entire year. They are repeated every 12 years. The traditional calendar is a solar calendar with 24 periods of 15 days each. The first period is called the beginning of spring and falls on the 4th or 5th of January. There are two possible dates when the new Chinese zodiac sign will begin, but none will fall on the 1st of January! China traditionally has two calendars: the solar and lunar calendars.

The lunar calendar is 12 or 13 months old and begins with the Chinese New Year, which is between January 21 and February 20.

For most Chinese, Chinese New Year is the start of the new zodiac sign. But for the astrologers and fortunetellers is the beginning of spring.

Ranking of the horoscope and why a 12-year cycle?

The zodiac signs have long been rooted in Chinese culture. The exact origins have been unknown, but there is a close relationship between astronomy in China and how dates and times used to be calculated. This created the 10 heavenly stems and the 12 earth branches. To conceal the similarity, the zodiac signs were probably estimated to be an ancient time and are considered very old.

During the third century of the Han dynasty, one day was only 12 hours long, and since the rat was active in the dark, it was placed at the top of the zodiac signs. It was therefore for the time of the night today (23 to 1 clock), at midnight. The buffalo’s second sign of the zodiac eats grass in the morning (1 to 3 o’clock) when the rat then went into its nest or hole. After the time of the activity then the remaining 10 zodiac signs integrated into the cycle.

Traveling not only gives you new landscapes and experiences, but also brings new energy into your life according to the teachings of the supersensible. Where else could you find new happiness and positive energies on a journey?

The southwest is a very excellent region for rat, tiger, hare and monkey, a hiking trip in southwest China is a good choice.

For pigs and snakes to fortify their luck, a trip to northwest China is recommended, take a look at our adventure journey through Silk Road.

The preferred direction for goat and pig is south. Why not even travel to Guilin? Guilin karst landscape with longsheng rice terraces.

Unlike goat and pig, steer and horse should travel to north China, join us on our Beijing trip.

For the best travel experience in 2019, the rooster should come to West China. A trip to Tibet and Mt. Everest sounds good.

Believing the principles of the Chinese calendar, the coming year will be a very special one. In the year of the pig, which stands for equality and justice, values ​​such as helpfulness, humanity and fair play get more space in society. The focus is also on life-oriented solutions and sensible approaches.

The Chinese New Year 2019 will be celebrated this year on February 16th: The beginning of the year is based on the Astronomical Farmers Calendar, which dates the first new moon between January 21st and February 21st. On this day, the year of the pig 2019 begins, which according to the Chinese understanding embodies loyalty, diligence and loyalty.

Converted to the human value system, the coming months stand for principledness, a sense of justice, integrity and keen observation. The basic qualities of the pig will be further supported by the element earth in 2019, symbolizing the sense of reality, logical thinking, discipline, perseverance and reliability.
The year of the pig: Twelve Zodiac, five elements and 60 lunar years

The Chinese horoscope has existed for some 5,000 years and has a more complicated approach than Western astronomy. It is based on a 60-year cycle of the Chinese era and results from the combination of the twelve earth branches and the ten heavenly tribes. The earth branches correspond one to one to the Chinese Zodiac: in their cycle, the Chinese star signs begin with the rat, followed by ox, tiger, hare, dragon, snake, horse, goat (sheep), monkey, rooster, pig, and pig.

The ten heavenly tribes in turn consist of Yīn and Yáng as well as the five elements (also called transformation phases): fire, earth, water, wood and metal. These act as forces on the human being.

• Fire: decisiveness, expressiveness, dynamism
• Earth: sense of reality, logical thinking, reliability
• Water: flexibility, fine sense of emotions
• Wood: ethics, growth, diverse interests
• Metal: righteousness, clarity, perseverance

What does the Earth pig mean in the Chinese Horoscope 2019?

The year of the Earth pig manifests itself in love in increased willingness to bind, which does not spare even freedom-loving singles. Even individualists want to commit themselves longer term, if they meet the right partner. Marriages that will be closed in 2019 should have more chances of lasting. In interpersonal relationships, honesty and modesty remain the best way to deepen friendships or build relationships.

When it comes to health, classical exercise such as gymnastics, hiking, cycling and cautious nutritional methods are again part of the game – not risky sports or experimental diets. In the profession, reliability and care are very important. Superficiality and carelessness fly up quickly. Creativity is appreciated as long as the ideas remain workable and true to life.

Unrealistic, innovative and extraordinary solutions have little chance. In finance, sound economics and predictive computing count – risky investments, gambling and daring speculation can quickly come to mind.