chinese astrology 2018 – year of the brown earth dog

2018, according to Chinese astrology, is the year of the earth Dog
Will begin on February 19, 2018 with the Chinese New Year, to end
On 07 February 2016, leaving room for the Chinese sign of the Fire Monkey.
This Chinese Horoscope 2018 allows you to understand the lines
Of your destiny in 2018, to know exactly where you are at
In one area or another, to be able to tie between
Possible pitfalls and to take full advantage of the currents of luck – in a word,
To direct your life in the direction you want to reach the

We are confident that reading our Chinese Horoscope 2018
Will prove to be a great way to approach the New Year of Good
foot. You will then be able to make your year a period
Successful and very happy of your existence.
In the Chinese horoscope, the sign of the earthen Dog symbolizes the
Twists and turns, the vagaries of life, pirouettes of all kinds,
In short, fantasy …

According to the Chinese astro, your 2018 year should therefore be surprising,
Panting and exciting. Just that ! To learn more about what

You reserve 2018, check out your Chinese horoscope 2018 right now. Sign
By Chinese sign, your Chinese horoscope forecasts you
Will reveal your year 2018 under the sign of love, well-being and

In a year of the dog (the dog), one must expect everything and especially
unexpected. Theatrical performances will take place over a
Week and even day, in society as well as in families. Those who
Have fragile nerves will experience painful moments; Those who have
Sense of humor, on the other hand, will enjoy themselves.
What is reassuring in the year of the dog is that all
And dangerous as they may appear, will eventually
General in a perfectly innocuous manner. Terrible situations
For lack of judgment and wisdom on the part of the
Responsible, then a reversal will occur just in time to prevent
The disaster that was believed to be inevitable. One has only to remember one
Event in 1967 to realize it.
The Sheep is described as free, creative, emancipated. He is an artist
In the soul, resisting authority and often spending. He got on well with
Rabbit and Pork, and very badly with Beef, described as being
Dictatorial, determined and rebellious.

The Year of the dog will also be conducive to the development of all
Arts and more particularly to music and theater. The
Muses will be ready to blow untiringly. Artists and Comedians
Expect better days: the public will appreciate them and
admire. Enjoy this year to indulge in an Ingres violin
any. You will make progress easily. It is possible that you
Become a true virtuoso, but an artistic pastime is the
The best antidote against melancholy, pessimism, and the sorrows that
Inevitably involves our life on earth. Also,
Possible for theatrical performances, concerts, exhibitions,
etc. These activities will not only provide you with ineffable joy and
Noble, but also sharpen your artistic sense.
There will be no difference if children are born in beautiful or
Bad season: the Bouc has a flexibility and a capacity of adaptation

The dog is the eighth sign of the Chinese Zodiac.
Sweet, sensitive, she is calm and often timid.
She likes to live in harmony with her environment, hates conflicts, and
Fully flourishes only in the environments under its control, and
Where she feels safe.
Often lacking confidence in herself, she enjoys being surrounded
Close friends and a partner who reassure and protect her.
Creative nature, people of the sign of the dog like to express
Their talents in their homes, which they often favor
In relation to his work.
Subject to sudden changes in mood as it is very sensitive to
Vibrations that surround it, it needs a lot of love and
Attention to feel reassured.

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