Crazy Nostradamus predictions for 2018

Nostradamus prophecies for 2018. Scary interpretations. How many will they complete?

French astrologer and physicist Michel de Nostredam (Nostradamus) is well-known for his mystery and prophecy books. Over time, all kinds of interpretations of its verses have appeared, which, many say, have come true.

Some voices say they give and give as an example the prophecy about the Pope. Nostradamus said there would be two Popes, and people immediately went with the thought that, in disuse due to the state of sanctuary, Pope Benedict XVI called someone else in his place. Read more about the 2018 prophecy on

Here are the prophecies of Nostradamus for 2018.

The leader of the Catholic Church will be killed.
Terrorism will be the main threat of the year.
Global warming will stir up many armed conflicts.
China will make a strategic move through which it will become a world leader.
A country (supposedly the United States) will enter an era of governmental incompetence.
There will be a strong earthquake in the western United States.
Latin America will face major changes in all chapters.
Italy will attract Europe into a major economic crisis.

World War III will involve two great super powers and will last for 27 years.
Vesuvius will have the strongest eruption in history and will rock the earth every 5 minutes, which could cause the deaths of thousands of people.
People will need permission to procreate. Whoever does not have such a document will not be able to make copies.
People will live over 200 years, thanks to the progress of medicine. An 80-year-old man will look like a 50-year-old.
People will be able to talk to the animals.
More languages will disappear due to global globalization.

The “new Nostradamus” advises people to avoid panic and buy food, water and medicines to survive for at least a year. And although there have been many other Nostradamus in recent times, with failed predictions ranging from asteroids, to earthquakes and volcanoes, Salazar claimed that many of them will die during planetary catastrophes for their lies.

“In this judgment our Lord will be very severe with the Shepherds and false prophets who have lied to the church and given a false gospel,” Salazar explained. “He will punish these religious leaders who have sought to benefit economically rather than preach the Gospel. Many of these false prophets will die during these disasters and will be replaced by others who fear God and His will. ”

5. On June 16, 2016, the Third World War will erupt. Russia and China will attack the weakened United States.

6. On October 25, 2016 there will be an alliance between Russia and China, thus winning the Third World War.

7. In March 2017, the Chinese yuan will become the new global currency.

8. In late 2018 or early 2019, Russia will attack Israel.

9. By 2020, the Antichrist will eat Earth and rule over all human beings.

10. And in the year 2023, the second coming of Christ and salvation will take place.

However, there are many who do not believe in the prophecies of the “new Nostradamus” and accuse Pastor Salazar of being a “false prophet” and deceiver of the masses. But the reality is that we are in a very complicated moment of our history, where the terrorist group Islamic State is “invading” Europe little by little; with tensions between Russia and Turkey; and with North Korea threatening the United States, South Korea and Japan. At any time any action can be considered malicious and ignite the wick that will take us directly until World War III.