Horoscope 2018 – lucky zodiac signs

The new year 2018 we meet twice: according to the Gregorian and the Eastern calendar. Which animal is the patron of 2018? It will be the Yellow Earthen Dog, which is considered a kind and calm animal.

The astrological forecast for 2018 promises us peace and balance in all spheres of life. On Earth there will be less conflicts and wars. Relationships will differ in mutual understanding and tolerance. People will become more restrained and responsive, and will also be able to develop the inner peace and strengthen their positions. Mankind will plunge into the atmosphere of happiness, tolerance and respect.

Colors for Aries for the New Year

On New Year’s Eve, Aries needs to be sensitive to the choice of shades of festive attire. Immediately eliminate the purple color, and give preference to raspberry, red, blue and orange. As decorations, focus on rubies, carnelian, emerald and diamonds. These stones will bring good luck and prosperity. Aquamarine immediately set aside – it will “take away” from you positive energy. Earrings, a ring or a pendant in the form of a golden fleece is what Aries needs.
Color for Taurus on New Year’s Eve

If you have a zodiac sign Taurus, then add a green, sky-blue and yellow hue to the New Year’s dress. The main thing is that these colors unobtrusively complement each other, and not stand out from the general scale. It is not recommended to use a red tone in clothes. Better replace it with orange or red. Jewelry can choose those that emphasize your charm – citrine, emerald, sapphire and tender turquoise. If you put on a brooch in the form of an owl, then in the general image there will be an original “zest”.
Dress color for Gemini

Horoscope prepared for Gemini tips that will help to celebrate the New Year fully armed and positive. Clothes should be aged in light colors – blue, gray, yellow. Colors such as orange, pervanche and purple are also ideal. Green shades are best not to use in attire. But you can give preference to the mask, as well as silver and gold jewelry with rock crystal, jasper and garnet. Brooch with agate and diamonds – the most chic! The luck will bring a suspension in the form of a snake.
New Year’s attire and Cancer

Cancer in the New Year 2018 should be dressed up in clothes, where there are blue, white, silver or blue shades. Just exclude frank gray. Green-eyed Cancers can choose clothes of bright pea tone. To win Lady Luck, you can experiment in jewelry with emerald and ruby. They must be framed in silver or gold. Well, if you put on an earring or a ring with a “moon” stone, then all the stars will converge in the sky into a smile just for you.

Colors attire for Leo

The colors of the New Year for the Lion are sunny and bright. After all, you like to be in the center of attention and “shine” like a heavenly star on a summer day. Take the aim – golden, purple and scarlet. Well, for contrast, make a black edging on the clothes. The white color on such a holiday is not for the Lion. As for ornaments, they should be with amber, diamond, opal or ruby. A pendant or a pendant in the shape of a ladybird will entice luck, love and financial well-being into life.
New Year and color for Virgo

On New Year’s Eve, the Virgin is best to choose the following shades in clothes: green, white, purple and gently blue. Get effective, original and attractive! From the precious stones in the festive decoration it is worth noting, paying attention to sapphires of yellow color, jade, agate, jasper, topaz and carnelian. If you want to be in a positive mood, impress others and attract luck, then the Virgo should decorate the wardrobe with a pendant or brooch in the form of a grasshopper.

New Year’s Eve for Libra

What to choose Libra as a holiday dress? It is better to seek advice from a horoscope to stand out from the multifaceted crowd and become even more charming. It is desirable to focus on pastel colors – aquamarine, blue (dark) and green. The external image will become more refined if you add to it jewelry made of sapphire, diamonds, moonstone, pearls, coral or opal. Success and prosperity Libra bring a “heart”, which can be used in pendant, ring or suspension.
Scorpio and New Year

Pluto is the patron of Scorpio, so this planet can be used in a New Year’s wardrobe in the form of a talisman. It can be a scorpion – a pendant, a pendant or something unusual. For example, steel and iron decoration in the form of a gate, staircase or lattice. In 2018, it is necessary to focus on cast-iron objects in the house. They will bring luck to Scorpio in business. White metal and silver, too, are ideal for a holiday dress. Clothing should be highlighted in yellow and red shades. As for the stones, this is an aquamarine, beryl, rock crystal, ruby, topaz, malachite or coral.
Colors of the New Year for Sagittarius

Those who were born under the sign of the zodiac Sagittarius, you must meet another year in the house, which is covered with a roof of iron. Then you can count on the protection of the planet Jupiter, who is the patroness of Sagittarius. It is necessary to take closer attention to one another. Add in it colors such as burgundy, blue, purple, blue, purple and red (dark). Emphasis on ornaments in the form of a horseshoe or lizard. Agate, sapphire, emerald, chrysolite, turquoise and amethyst – these are the stones that will make your life more successful.

Capricorn and New Year’s Eve

If in an apartment where Capricorn is going to celebrate the New Year, there are outdoor clock-chimes, then this place is ideal for celebration. In that case, Luck will not depart from you a single step. Patrons throughout the year will be – hell, the cat is black, Mars and Saturn. As the color of the New Year, choose black, as well as dark shades of blue, gray, green and brown. You can experiment with the yellow tone, but do not overdo it. Ornaments for Capricorn should be elegant and not “screaming” – agate, ruby, garnet. It is allowed to use onyx, lapis lazuli and moonstone in the decoration.

What to wear with Aquarius

On New Year’s Eve, Aquarius can be dressed up in clothes, where there are green, blue and purple hues. Emphasize the skirt, dress or shirt with a gray finish. If you add to the wardrobe silver jewelry or a pendant made of white gold, this will give an image of a unique chic. Sophistication and Luck will help bring to life Aquarius the following stones – lapis lazuli, sapphire, amethyst, blue topaz. Well, and add to the outfit does not prevent the ring, pendant or cufflinks in the form of stars. Then it’s just that without success and prosperity you will not be left!

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