Leo 2018 horoscope – a better astrological forecast

Like all horoscopes, this is an astral weather that is addressed to all people born under the sign of the lion. As your astral chart is UNIQUE in the world, no one else has the same as yours, even if you have a twin. These astrological forecasts are therefore necessarily of a general nature, and are therefore not valid for all.

General climate of the year:

This year Lion friends will be, along with the sagittarius, one of the great winners of the zodiac. Indeed, as early as summer 2018, all fires will be green in most areas of your life (or almost) thanks to Jupiter that will enter your sign. After a half-hearted start to the year, you will feel a genuine renewal blowing into your life. The period will then be conducive to re-orienting you, changing jobs or starting new projects.

This year will be one of the best areas of your life. Indeed, Jupiter will arrive in your sign in July, and will bring you a real renewal in love.

As a couple: The months follow one another and are similar in a calm and harmony that you have not known for a long time. Only a few possible family concerns (Saturn in your solar home 4) could temporarily petturate your couple (in August / September 2018), but this will be of no consequence (provided you do not pack yourself too much!). Possible arrival of a child this year or in 2015.

Single: Because of Saturn in square scorpion to your sun in lion, your celibacy could weigh you a little at the beginning of the year. Do not succumb to the temptation to curl up on yourself because you will have real opportunities to make a beautiful and real meeting starting in the summer and especially around the months of October of November 2018.
Get out and see people! You will thus put all the chances on your side to make this beautiful encounter that could last! …

Leo, your astrological forecast, you are the kings of the zodiac, noble, loyal, proud and radiant. Fixed sign, you represent the heart of summer, the warmth and intensity of the fire. You are, like your master planet the Sun, the incarnation of will, love, power and trust. You may at times fish for excess of vanity, but your sincere generosity always catches you. You hate pettiness and narrow-mindedness. You make charismatic leaders and know how to train behind you a court of admirers. This year, heaven has a lot of surprises for you, and you will find a smile and a desire to undertake. Come discover the highlights of 2018 and regain your morale of winner thanks to the planets!

This year you will have some work to do, for sure. During the first semester, you may have to face more or less hidden professional rivalries. Keep yourself from any excesses and actions that would not be 100% honest, as this could backfire on you. Stay away from anything that is not clear, if you can.
In any case, it is during the second semester that you can act, when Jupiter, the great protector, will enter your sign. He will stay there for 1 year! As soon as you feel it, you can shoot down your cards and go ahead. If it is not in 2018 (it all depends on the position and the number of your planets in Leo), success will make you smile in 2015!

The presence of neptune well aspected in your solar house 8 should give you a good intuition regarding one or more investments to be made. Possible return of unexpected money during the second half (if your venus is in leo). Can be from a remote person.

Personal and Social Life in 2018

Magnet everything out of the ordinary this year is yours!
Uranus is mostly in Aries this year, and aware of which, it creates interesting and harmonious aspects with planets both in your sign and another sign of fire, Sagittarius.
For this reason, you will be faced with interesting new challenges requiring you to be more often on your guard. Your friends will turn to you to help them solve their problems. Your family will seek from you a piece of advice that could get someone close to a crisis.
If it sounds intimidating, you’ll be happy to know that your inner strength and endurance will live up to it. In addition, your mental sensitivity will be able to cope with the most mundane constraints as if they did not exist. It could make you feel like a superhero. If you know when you will fold and leave the precious “me”, you can sail until 2018 with ease.

Love in 2018 for couples

The beginning of the year may be unstable but some misunderstandings can be transformed into an opportunity to re-establish a bond that allows you to live strong moments especially when you are both on the same wavelength. It is up to you to ensure that these moments count, by expressing your benevolence without reserve. Once the summer has arrived, your couple will be more united, you will want to build a family atmosphere. Nothing will make your couple stronger than having a common goal by creating a friendly home for friends and family.
By the end of the year your common path will be blessed by the presence of Jupiter. When it comes to solving the problems of life, two opinions are better than one.

Love in 2018 for singles

Your love life can be dotted with moments of fire for the first part of the year, but the Moon in Sagittarius trigone Jupiter in Leo on August 5 and 6, which will allow you to have opportunities to meet
August 17 will be a key date for you when Venus unites Jupiter in your sign. Your self-confidence comes first and becomes a powerful attraction for others.
The influence of Libra on your sky map in October and Capricorn at the end of December will boost you to maintain a new relationship ahead. Expect an occasional date to bring back the surprise if expected.

Career and money in 2018

Your professional life may seem like a whirlwind of scattered ideas, some of which may be useless but others may be beneficial. The demotion of Jupiter and the exceptionally strong influence of Capricorn at the beginning of the year can produce more difficulty than usual, Never mind! Your fertile mind will help you in many ways to find a new job, if that is what you desire. Luck will start turning to the approach of summer, There will be fewer opportunities for misunderstandings as long as you would connect with the right person. However, there may be exchanges and negotiations that may frustrate you without reaching an agreement.

It is up to you to be the “chess master” in this game because your financial improvement will depend on the skill of the people and yours. Life will be a classroom, but with your strength of Lion you will be the first fast!

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