Leo – a strong personality

Your sign is represented by the lion, king of the jungle, and ruled by the Sun, star king of our Solar System. As a sign of Fire you are needed to stand out by your own personality and impose your will.

The natives of your sign usually develop a strong personality, often linked to a will to power and nobility. Hence you need the admiration of others, feel the center of attention or be the key element. Possessed of great organizational skills, there are, however, some Leo who take refuge in the complaint and protest when things do not go well. You also have the emotions with which we express the feelings, and therefore you have special gifts for the drama or to put a special emphasis on your expressions. In addition, you usually have a portentous talent for directing and for staging. That is why it is not strange that you have the ability to surround yourself with a good team.

However, on numerous occasions, wanting to do the best for others, you carry the problems of those around you, something that you can presume. If some natives of the sign are proud of you, it is due to the feeling of greatness that accompanies you and because you take yourselves and your creations very seriously. In fact, you are one of the signs that bear the brunt of personal defeat.

But you have a much more tolerant and playful spirit than you usually believe, though only with your litter or with those who can not pose any threat to your power or territory. Cordiality, magnanimity and generosity are some of your most positive traits.
In love with love, this becomes an essential ingredient for your life. Due to the intensity of your emotions, for you life in general and love relationships in particular can become a suitable scenario in which to manifest. You often like to impress and seek admiration.

If Leo has an astral chart whose set is harmonic, it will show the main virtues of the sign: self-confidence, tranquility, a great will, generosity and organizational or leadership capacity.

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