Libra personality – ambition of social recognition

Represented by the balance, Libra has a similar operation: always weighing pros and cons, the pursuit of balance and justice.

As an air sign it is, it needs intellectual stimulation, reasoning, and conversation.

Your taste for aesthetics and ethics often leads you to seek a perfection you can not find. Hence the indecision or dilettantism proper to some natives of your sign. And it is that, like the balance, you know that without the other, you are nothing; You have so taken into account the opinions of others that sometimes you remain without expressing your own, at least directly, because you do not like rough environments or tensions at all. You are a lover of peace and harmony. However, you have a special ability to swim and store clothes. That is, many times, you ask for opinions or listen to them, because you need to contrast, but then, you will do as you wish, for that you are as free as the wind.

In your love for good, you can reach sybaritism. But at heart you long for a moral and spiritual elevation of the society in which you live. Sociable by nature, and even gallant, you tend to good manners and you can have a refined intelligence. You also often emphasize in your contributions to pacifism or coexistence among peoples. In reality, your sign has an artistic and aesthetic sensibility that you can get to channel professionally.

There are two distinct Libra characters: while one is serious and reserved, most of the sign’s natives are friendly and sociable.

Libra’s romanticism is quite a perfectionist, because not only do you long for the appropriate aesthetic proportions, but also the moral ones, fundamentally the intellectual and spiritual of the other person. If in these aspects there is no coupling, your relationship will wither and you will soon deploy your air of seduction over other people and goals.

If Libra has an astral chart with a harmonic set, we can see the following virtues: harmony, kindness, sociability, justice, delicacy, consideration for others and moral and spiritual elevation.

However, when the astral chart is inharmonious, one can find some of these defects: excess of locuacidad, influence, ambition of social recognition and tendency to involve others in their particular spider web.

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