April 2017 monthly horoscope

On our site, you will discover your horoscope April 2017. Many people still wonder why reading a horoscope in April.

In reality, the answer is very simple: your free 2017 horoscope allows you to discover your future, and what the future will be made of.

This is a great way to reassure yourself, but also to provoke luck. What if your free April horoscope advertised a meeting that will change your life?

Know that for your horoscope April 2017, the stars are particularly well positioned. This is especially the case of March, which will delight the earth signs.

Rest assured, the April horoscope is also favorable to water signs, which can afford to do projects this month. Do you want to know more? In this case, continue reading.
Horoscope Aries April 2017

Horoscope Aries April 2017

You were born between 21 March and 20 April

Aries, you tend to spend too much. Your horoscope Aries April 2017 strongly advises you to take back, and put money aside. If you believe your horoscope aries April 2017, you are going to have to face large unexpected expenses. Listen to your horoscope April 2017 Aries!


As we said earlier, it is really time to put money aside. Also, we strongly encourage you to work overtime, and if you can afford it, find another lucrative business. Indeed, unexpected expenses will take you short, and it is necessary to consider the future much more serenely.


You are single ? So know that you are going to make really interesting encounters. This will allow you to ask yourself the right questions. What type of relationship are you looking for? Do you really want to ask yourself? These meetings will allow you to see more clearly, to once again see the future with a new eye. This is what promises your horoscope of April 2017.


You’ve been back in the sport for some time, and it shows. Indeed, you are much better in your body, but also in your head. And that’s what will allow you to ask yourself the right questions, and move on.
Taurus Horoscope April 2017

Taurus Horoscope April 2017

You were born between April 21st and May 20th

It may well be, according to your bull horoscope April 2017, that luck turns for you. Have you been looking for a job for some time? Your horoscope April 2017 Taurus is formal: your efforts will finally end up paying. Indeed, your Taurus horoscope April 2017 is rather optimistic. Besides, your horoscope Bull April 2017 also provides a great encounter. Taurus, it’s time to try your luck.


You have understood, your horoscope April 2017 Taurus is really very optimistic for you. Indeed, you may find the job you’ve been waiting for so long, or the promotion you think you deserve. However, your horoscope strongly encourages you to make the right decisions. Indeed, this turning point in your professional life can only take place if you jump on all the opportunities. Taurus, do not hesitate to go ahead, for your good.


A nice meeting in perspective, if you are single. Indeed, your Taurus horoscope April 2017 has good news for you. Were you looking for a person who, like you, wants to settle down and found a true life project for two? You might find it faster than expected. You are in a relationship ? So watch out for dangerous connections …


You have a slackness these days. However, if you feel like putting a lot of energy into your work, it’s time to get back to you. Review your diet, make a vitamin cure. You need all your strength to overcome the coming month and, above all, go ahead with your projects.
Horoscope Gemini April 2017

Horoscope Gemini April 2017

You were born between 21 May and 20 June

Your Gemini horoscope April 2017 urges you to get back in shape. Indeed, according to your horoscope Gemini April 2017, you have gained weight lately, and this plays on your form. Your horoscope April 2017 Gemini encourages you to make efforts. Gemini, it’s time to take you in hand.


In this month of April, you are cruelly lacking in your work. Be careful, as this may cause injury. Indeed, your lack of effort and involvement could well jump in the eyes of your colleagues and your superiors. So this is the time to question you. Your horoscope Gemini April 2017 advises you to take a step back. Would you still like to hold this position?

Taurus 2018 horoscope – be the first to know

1st decan (April 21 to 30)
From 14 to 23 January, your friends make presentations, free to follow up or not.
From 5 to 15 March, the goddess of the heart augurs a fruitful period in terms of encounters, but also a second breath for couples already formed. The planet of love stands in your decan, enjoy! From the 7th to the 18th of August, the goddess of the heart accelerates the rhythm of your throbbing, there is talk of encounters, notable improvement of your sentimental life. From October 3 to 12, you are looking for harmony and sentimental balance, it’s up to you to find it. From November 22nd to November 30th, your love affairs are perfect. If you live as a couple, the wind of love blows on your side. You vibrate together on the same pitch, nothing can thwart your good marriage. While singles should not remain so for long. You are carried by the wind of the encounter.

2nd decan (1 to 10 May)
From 24 to 31 January, the planet of love invites you to friendly rejoicings, everything is possible, open the eye and the good. From 16 to 24 March, the goddess of the heart is stationed in your decan, which augurs a period full of sentimental. Enjoy it fully. From the 19th to the 28th of August, there are meetings, new heads, new acquaintances. It is a true celestial manna that promises and promises you a sentimental blossoming. From 13 to 20 October, the area of ​​your loves is in line of sight planetary, to savor in duet. From 1 to 8 December, you end the year by cooing your hand in your hand. What sweet moments in perspective, to live face to face.

3rd decan (May 11 to 20)
From February 1st to 7th, follow your friends in their peregrinations, you should not regret it for a long time. From March 25 to April 2, Venus settles into your decan, inaugurating a period of emotional fulfillment, which says better? It is about opening up to another world, that of your loved one. From August 29th to September 5th, bachelors multiply their chances of encounters by 10. Go all out, this is the right time. From October 21 to 27, you must bet on the dialogue to explain the why of how to your partner. If you are single, you taste with gluttony all the pleasures of love. Overnight, your life changes radically. From 9 to 15 December, the couples already trained win the favor of the cosmos, you love each other more and more.

1st decan (April 21 to 30)
From January 1st to March 16th, Jupiter the great benefactor rallies to your astral cause, enjoy it 100%. For the natives of the beginning of decan, Pluto, the planet of mutations, invites you to an interior journey. You go beyond the boundaries of your mental or physical boundaries. It is a question of perfecting yourself, of taking a new direction more in accord with your deep aspirations. Maybe you will consider a new training. From 6 October to 31 December, Saturn, the planet of responsibility faces you. The relationships you have with your partner are more tense, you are having difficulty tuning your violins. You feel lonely when confronted with your professional choices and it is not easy to bear every day. You must learn to compose, your determination will do the rest. Throughout the year, Neptune, the planet of inspiration, debrides your imagination, optimize this transit by developing your gifts, exploring your creativity. You have important abilities that you need to value, have more confidence in yourself to do so. It is a question of positioning you professionally and valuing the inventiveness that lies in you.
Vitality: eat at fixed times and sleep more, you will quickly feel the benefits on your health.

2nd decan (1 to 10 May)
You can jump to the ceiling, you are part of the winning tiercé. From the 17th of March to the 30th of April, Jupiter, the great beneficiary, is stationed in your decanate. Look big, aim high, above, you have facilities, good touches, golden veins to exploit as quickly as possible. Be on the lookout for all the beautiful celestial surprises that the cosmos is preparing for you. It is at this time that you can go all-out for the rest of the year. Then go …
Vitality: good fishing, watch your weight, you risk taking a few pounds.

3rd decan (May 11 to 20)
2012 is a great vintage that will leave you a very good memory! From 1 May to 10 June, Jupiter, the great benefactor, sings your praises, you benefit from a good margin for maneuver. Jupiter walks in your decan bringing you its good news, opportunities and advantageous proposals. Fully optimize this good transit that only recurs every 12 years. See great, do not be afraid of anything, plant grams

Pisces personality – hospitality, compassion, broad and agile comprehension

You are represented by two fish tied by the tail and swimming in opposite directions, which indicates not only that Pisces is a sign of double personality, but may have two almost diametrically opposed personalities.

You are a sign of Water, so the world of feelings is the most important thing.

The first sois of broad mental horizons, comprehensive, cosmopolitan, hospitable, with a humanitarian, spiritual or esoteric spark. You can even be visionary individuals in some sense and with a special mystique for community causes.

The latter, on the other hand, seek a kind of paradise that will enable you to attain nirvana; Something that you intend by personal enlightenment in some cases, by self-indulgence or compassion with yourself, in others. You can become self-destructive. In fact, one of the biggest risks of natives of this sign is chaos.

You’re a convinced pacifist. However, that does not stop you from being a born polemist or end up seeing you involved in controversy and debate, lands where you usually move like a fish in the water. Because of your liking for the image and your tendency to platonic relationships, television, film or photography is often liked. In the end, you have a latent artistic spirit, which, sometimes, you use to show the lacerating and dark aspects of society, to which you are especially sensitive. Also the hospitality and spirituality can be hobbies or even professions that bring you special satisfaction and personal success.

You may be interested to read the pisces 2018 yearly horoscope. Go to this url : http://www.yearly-horoscope.org/pisces-2018-forecast/

Your love is romantic and sentimental. In addition, you know how to put imagination and fantasy at your service. However, on occasion, this trend focuses on platonic or ideal relationships that you never get to consummate.

If you have an astral chart with a harmonious set, these are some of your main values: hospitality, compassion, broad and agile comprehension, breadth of your views, pacifism and joy of life.

However, if the whole of the astral chart is inharmonious, some of your most notorious defects may be these: self-destruction, chaos, laziness, indolence, morbidity through secrets, unreliability, and deification.

Aquarius personality – balance, goodness, originality, sincerity

Aquarius is represented by a man who pours the contents of a pitcher, being the only sign of the Zodiac that has a totally human symbolism.

As an air sign, he needs intellectual stimulation and understanding for words or concepts.

Aquarius is the sign of friendship and altruism. His cry of war might be that of the French Revolution – curiously, almost at the same time that Uranus, the ruling planet of Aquarius, was discovered: “Liberty, equality and fraternity!” However, the high social awareness of the natives of this sign does not prevent them from defending their strong sense of individuality and independence.

This sign can give geniuses or early children, but also belong to him people of late development. Although, in both cases, one of its virtues is to know how to take things as they come, a special know how to be in life. It can give geniuses and personalities creative, but also unpredictable, original, eccentric or rare, so that their lives can experience sudden turns.

But Aquarius can have extreme personalities or display one of the two most prominent sub-archetypes of the sign: a) Uranian, captivating, experimenting, futuristic, vanguard or controversial, and even provocative. B) concentrate and serious. However, some Aquarius, after experiencing a revolutionary stage, become conservative or rigid.

In love, it is easy for Aquarius to have something surprising or captivating, but it should be taken into account that it is a sign that drives the desire to know or to experiment, so that if someone stops motivating you can cool down, for more enthusiasm Which he was able to show at first. He can not stand the monotony, and if his life is limited he can sour his character. He needs to share goals with his partner, to grow up happily; Otherwise you will seek your unconditional sense of freedom.

If Aquarius has a harmonic astral chart as a whole, it will allow us to appreciate the following virtues: balance, goodness, originality, sincerity, intelligence and altruism.

On the other hand, if the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, some of its most outstanding shortcomings may be the following: grouchy, withdrawn, distrustful, untrustworthy, and need to impact.

Capricorn personality – responsibility, sense of duty, perseverance

Like the mountain goat, animal that represents your sign, you walk on the steepest and most solitary roads; But in the end you usually reach the almost inaccessible top. As a sign of Earth, you need to plan carefully and you are hardworking.

You know that everything has to arrive with effort and dedication, although many natives of the sign have serious problems to understand this in the first part of life. Mature-minded, you feel much safer and better in every way in maturity and old age. That’s when you tend to be more fortunate and happy.

Following your philosophy of life, you take a determination and do not faint. You plan accurately and you take your time, persevering with a sturdy perseverance. In the long run, it is possible that others, in principle brighter, will stay on the road, while you continue. Saturn, the Kronos of the Greeks, the ruler of time, is your true ally. But in the high summits always the cold solitude imposes itself, something, sooner or later, it invades to the natives of this sign. Sometimes this loneliness or melancholy that invades you comes from your distrust of life, skepticism or even rigor.

Just as the skeleton serves to keep us standing, in life we ​​need structures, schedules and organigrams as solid and resilient as possible. Your sign, which in the first part of life is usually selfish and materialistic, over the years is giving more value to things achieved by their own merits. Normally you end up being great professionals, responsible and ambitious in your goals. In addition, when your material needs are satisfied, you often seek to elevate yourself into a spiritual or artistic facet. But one of your best virtues is that you do not take unnecessary risks because you know where the limits are.

In the field of love, the social or professional status of the other person ends up weighing heavily. It’s easy for you to partner in the workplace or with someone to whom you have professional links. When you love, you tend to be a retailer.

If Capricorn has a harmonious astral chart, it will show outstanding virtues: responsibility, sense of duty, perseverance, constancy, planning, pragmatism, healthy ambition and professionalism.

However, when the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, these may be some of the main defects: suspicion, coldness, avarice, envy, extreme ambition, excess of rigor and selfishness.

Sagittarius personality – exaggeratios, striving to dazzle, ostentatios, superstitios

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, a mythological animal half man, half horse, implying the duality of the sign. It is a sign of Fire, so it needs to be admired, to stand out.

The human half, with a taut bow and an arrow about to shoot, symbolizes idealism, faith in the future, optimism and the need to transcend borders in pursuit of adventure – physical or intellectual – in a cosmopolitan leap To universality. It represents the leap from intelligence of concrete type to abstract (religions, philosophies, laws …). This human part of the sign also symbolizes your spirituality and your high aspirations.

The half horse warns of the other part of Sagittarius: the wildness, the exaggeration, the optimism runaway or even the disregard for others, including the typical blunders.

Thus, it is not strange to find in this sign people of the most varied. But Sagittarius usually approaches life with illusion, something that confers the category of flagrant of the causes that embraces. Therefore, it is also a sign especially gifted for teaching or dissemination, as well as for the media.

However, we will also find Sagittarians who are overcome by their fears and become bourgeois, and may even be somewhat childish or innocent. Occasionally, this type of Sagittarius seeks comfort, easy or gifted life and the law of minimum effort. Either way, or in any of its two manifestations, it is one of the signs with more luck in its destiny.

In love, you need a margin of freedom to go after your dreams and ideals. Within the couple should have some degree of autonomy or some joint illusions. But sharing trips, studies or sports activities will be the necessary complement for the couple to work.

If Sagittarius has a harmonic astral chart, it will show the following virtues: intelligence, optimism, sincerity, benevolence, paternalism, enthusiasm, broad understanding, organizational skills and sense of humor.

However, when the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, it can demonstrate some of these defects: exaggeration, striving to dazzle, ostentation, superstition, desires that everything comes by chance or complex of superiority.

Scorpio personality – a very complete sexuality

It is represented by the scorpion. Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, is the god of the subsoil, the underground and the occult.

Scorpio is a sign of Water, so his true world is in feelings, although some manifest enormous will to power.

Certainly, your sign does not conform to the world of appearances, and therefore you tend to penetrate or deepen the mysteries of life and the hidden side of it. Hence, also, the need to keep secrets or reservation on certain parcels. Being one of the most jealous signs of your intimacy, you know how to throw curtains of smoke around you, when it suits you, to prevent people from deepening in you. That is what can make you suspicious or have a special ability to keep your life a secret.

Everyone knows that Scorpio has strong sexuality. However, this has nothing to do with many natives of your sign. You have a very complete sexuality, and to function well – as a sign of Water you are – you need to connect emotionally and have an intense affective exchange. That intensity in love can make you even think that the other does not feel as much or does not give as much as you. You are capable of engaging in great struggles that oscillate between your passionate nature on the one hand and your craving for power or domination on the other. Hence also, sometimes, your critical or destructive tendency.

With you it is not strange that, from the outset, the others find themselves with a negative, but it is advisable to continue negotiating, since you unconsciously need to destroy to start from scratch: that offers you more guarantees. For better or for worse, you do not usually go unnoticed; It is easier for you to arouse extreme feelings to be indifferent to the opinion of others, seeing you even easily involved in the controversy.

If Scorpio has a harmonic astral chart, he will easily show the following values: energy, intrepidity, self-control, willpower, quick and deep understanding.

On the other hand, if the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, these will be some of its principal defects: spirit of revenge, jealousy, brutality, and tormented passions.

Libra personality – ambition of social recognition

Represented by the balance, Libra has a similar operation: always weighing pros and cons, the pursuit of balance and justice.

As an air sign it is, it needs intellectual stimulation, reasoning, and conversation.

Your taste for aesthetics and ethics often leads you to seek a perfection you can not find. Hence the indecision or dilettantism proper to some natives of your sign. And it is that, like the balance, you know that without the other, you are nothing; You have so taken into account the opinions of others that sometimes you remain without expressing your own, at least directly, because you do not like rough environments or tensions at all. You are a lover of peace and harmony. However, you have a special ability to swim and store clothes. That is, many times, you ask for opinions or listen to them, because you need to contrast, but then, you will do as you wish, for that you are as free as the wind.

In your love for good, you can reach sybaritism. But at heart you long for a moral and spiritual elevation of the society in which you live. Sociable by nature, and even gallant, you tend to good manners and you can have a refined intelligence. You also often emphasize in your contributions to pacifism or coexistence among peoples. In reality, your sign has an artistic and aesthetic sensibility that you can get to channel professionally.

There are two distinct Libra characters: while one is serious and reserved, most of the sign’s natives are friendly and sociable.

Libra’s romanticism is quite a perfectionist, because not only do you long for the appropriate aesthetic proportions, but also the moral ones, fundamentally the intellectual and spiritual of the other person. If in these aspects there is no coupling, your relationship will wither and you will soon deploy your air of seduction over other people and goals.

If Libra has an astral chart with a harmonic set, we can see the following virtues: harmony, kindness, sociability, justice, delicacy, consideration for others and moral and spiritual elevation.

However, when the astral chart is inharmonious, one can find some of these defects: excess of locuacidad, influence, ambition of social recognition and tendency to involve others in their particular spider web.

Virgo personality – excess of criticism and meticulousness

Virgo is represented by a virgin with a spike in her hand, wanting to symbolize purity, the idea of ​​neatness and purification that corresponds to the sign. It is a sign of Earth, which is why the tendency towards foresight, analysis and work predominates.

Virgo has an analytical-critical mentality, so it is usually rational, logical, detailed and meticulous. Because of his perfectionist spirit, he has a special ability to pick up flaws or imperfections. But not only in others, but also in his works or in himself, reaching an autocratic degree that in more than one of his natives comes to give some complex. His sense of discretion, his tendency to caution and fear of failure, may make him feel inadequate when he has to improvise or, if he suddenly asks for something he has not rehearsed. And it is that Virgo needs his time; Approach things little by little, because, otherwise, you may not feel sufficiently prepared. He has to do things step by step, step by step.

It is one of the most working signs, perhaps because it is important for him to feel useful to society and to know that he earns his daily bread. That is why ants and bees are clear representatives of the sign.

In this sign we can find both the library mouse – Vergo wants to know the why of things – as the sportsman, who based on training is gaining confidence in himself and his possibilities. Sooner or later, Virgo usually embraces a special diet or show great interest in body care, hygiene and dietary issues.

In the field of love, he can betray himself by his tendency to pass everything through the filter of reason and his lack of confidence, which so often prevents him from surrendering. It is relatively easy for your heart and mind to conflict. However, at times, the usual neatness of this sign can be truncated in a libido with strong needs for expression.

If Virgo has a harmonious astral chart as a whole, we will see the following qualities: neatness, discretion, method, cleanliness, sense of order, logic and application to obligations.

But if the astral chart and circumstances do not accompany it, its main defects will be: excess of criticism and meticulousness, skepticism, selfishness, gossip, materialism and sleepiness

Leo – a strong personality

Your sign is represented by the lion, king of the jungle, and ruled by the Sun, star king of our Solar System. As a sign of Fire you are needed to stand out by your own personality and impose your will.

The natives of your sign usually develop a strong personality, often linked to a will to power and nobility. Hence you need the admiration of others, feel the center of attention or be the key element. Possessed of great organizational skills, there are, however, some Leo who take refuge in the complaint and protest when things do not go well. You also have the emotions with which we express the feelings, and therefore you have special gifts for the drama or to put a special emphasis on your expressions. In addition, you usually have a portentous talent for directing and for staging. That is why it is not strange that you have the ability to surround yourself with a good team.

However, on numerous occasions, wanting to do the best for others, you carry the problems of those around you, something that you can presume. If some natives of the sign are proud of you, it is due to the feeling of greatness that accompanies you and because you take yourselves and your creations very seriously. In fact, you are one of the signs that bear the brunt of personal defeat.

But you have a much more tolerant and playful spirit than you usually believe, though only with your litter or with those who can not pose any threat to your power or territory. Cordiality, magnanimity and generosity are some of your most positive traits.
In love with love, this becomes an essential ingredient for your life. Due to the intensity of your emotions, for you life in general and love relationships in particular can become a suitable scenario in which to manifest. You often like to impress and seek admiration.

If Leo has an astral chart whose set is harmonic, it will show the main virtues of the sign: self-confidence, tranquility, a great will, generosity and organizational or leadership capacity.