Cancer personality – extremely sensitive

Your sign is represented by the crab and coincides with the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the south. Cancer is a sign of Water, that is, in which feelings predominate.

Your tendency to go back in the past and your prodigious memory often give you a collector’s spirit, even antiquarian or historian’s hobbies. Often your outer aspect of hardness hides a great sensitivity or tenderness. And you have a tenacity comparable to that of the crab, that when it catches a prey, it lets itself break a pincer that releases it. In fact, Cancer is rubbery and may have a moral outlet.

Quite shy, in your personal relationships you need a delicate and affectionate treatment. When you receive a warm and protective treatment, you grow and fight, tenaciously defending your family. But we can also find – for different reasons – extremely sensitive Cancer, enclosed in its shell or isolated between four walls. Sometimes these two trends can alternate in different stages of the same life.

In fact, because of the extraordinary lunar influence on Cancer, one of your main problems can be the incredible ups and downs in terms of moods. Your alterable mood can make you go from laughing to crying just as easily as changing backwards. All this because the subconscious, which is lunar, is very powerful in this sign, which often gives you some subjectivity, so that your natives will see everything according to the feeling that causes you, not depending precisely on rational approaches Or goals.

Cancer absorbs whatever sponge, acting as a mirror or as a mirror depending on the treatment it receives, just as the Moon reflects the light it receives from the Sun. Although you are practical, you have a considerable capacity for fantasy and daydreaming.

In love you need, fundamentally, to build a nest, because of your protective and familiar feeling. When you are between people you know or feel close to you can communicate or talk a lot, breaking the shyness that you usually show to strangers.

In those Cancer who have a harmonic astral chart we can find the following virtues: family and home spirit, tenacity, capacity for sacrifice, adaptability and discretion.

Gemini personality – tend to romanticism

Your sign is represented by the twins, symbolizing duality, versatility and the need to do things with others or in company.

You are a sign of Air, so your motivations will be fundamentally changing and intellectual, that is, you need to have fun with your interlocutor and understand yourself through words, ideas or concepts.

In the constellation of the sign, the twins Pollux and Castor stand out. The first was immortal, while the other was mortal, which means that there are two basic types or two sub-archetypes of this sign: one tends to be well informed and communicated, formal, attracted by culture and chivalrous behavior. The other, on the other hand, can be restless, nervous, emotional and even opportunistic. Both are usually friendly, eloquent or convincing.

Your versatility or taste for variety tends to manifest in all aspects of life, often starting things and not finishing or have gone through various studies or jobs. Therefore, many of the natives of this sign you become apprentices of everything and masters of nothing. Skillfully chameleon, you are one of the signs that it is easier to adapt to the circumstances, or to vary of attitude and behavior according to who you are. However, you are a skilful sign for anything you set out to do, and you can easily get to virtuosity. Anyway, your attraction to variety gives you the temptation to be in two places at once. Indeed, your double personality is as proverbial as that of Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hyde.

Your destiny is often linked to travel, offices, commerce and the media. Of course, your exchange of information or your contact with people is usually high. You need the other, you need the interlocutor to see yourself reflected. For better or for worse, the Gemini appear quite often before the society constituting double or even, that is, being a kind of friend or main partner of someone.

In love you tend to romanticism, but, at the same time, you tend to fear commitment. It is easy to show flirtatious and friendly behavior.

In Gemini whose astral chart is harmonic, we find the following qualities: intelligence or mental quickness, vivacity, ingenuity, versatility and ability to relate.

Taurus personality – rational and materialistic

Symbolized by the ox, you represent the consolidation of the spring and the density of the vegetation. As a sign of Earth, you are rational and materialistic in your approaches, that is, you believe in what you can see or verify and you know the importance of the material and economic bases for life.

There are two basic types of Taurus: one driven by the passion for life, to enjoy it and perhaps with enough momentum; Another, on the other hand, calm and peaceful. Although both attitudes can be mixed in the same Taurus.

You usually have the senses developed or skin-deep, distilling, above all, sensuality. You like to enjoy the good of life, being one of the most hedonistic signs of the Zodiac. However, it is not uncommon to find natives of this sign that you know how to live with simple tastes. Your qualities for the decoration or the art are notorious, being able to develop a prolific work.

Conservative temperament by nature, you tend to always act in the same way and hardly change your scale of values. This is what you can do, some of you slow or lazy, but, in return, you will also have a great determination to achieve your goals. Tranquility and patience are two of your best weapons although you can fall into fixation and stubbornness.

As for your feelings, just as you revolve around the issues that obsess you, you are intensely faithful to the family, friends or yours, to whom you give yourself unconditionally. However, you are usually possessive and jealous.

Sometimes it is exaggerated to talk about your love of money. You tend to be much more noble and generous than you think, but only in necessary cases, precisely because you know that the section of expenses and profits is fundamental for life. What happens is normal within the evolutionary process that represents the Zodiac: after being born and having our own body (Aries), we try to breastfeed for subsistence (Taurus); This vital necessity marks the imprint of the subconscious of Taurus, conditioning you so that, throughout life, you seek a well-being that, for some of you, is to pursue wealth or storage.

If your astral chart is harmonious as a whole, we can find some of these qualities: good management of resources, concentration, sense of humor, serenity, stoicism, ability to work and sense of duty.

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With your sign begins the Zodiac, so it represents the first vital stage of our existence, when, after birth, we begin to be individuals by ourselves.

As a sign of Fire, you need independence and be somebody for yourself.

You have the spirit of leader, pioneer, guide or promoter; Of something, in short, that makes you feel the first, the best or the fastest. Throughout your life you will develop a competitive spirit, as if the struggle for survival depends on it, something that often gives you entrepreneurial skills. Deep down you are thirsting for conquest or battle, whether sporty, economic, sentimental or any other type, but that allow you to perform a feat. The tranquility for your sign is an anathema: you always have to be doing things, although, if possible, bursts or whatever you feel like. You have more fun and react with more enthusiasm to challenges or new stimuli and projects than in consolidated stories.

In your personal evolution, your steps often involve considerable risk, but you do not usually be very aware of the danger. Instead, you are afraid of suffering or physical problems.

In your personal relationships you prefer a direct deal; To the point, without too much rhetoric or preparation. You really are impulsive and impatient. Deep down, you’re like a child, something capricious, you want things now, and if you do not mocha, but the anger lasts little.
In love you will act according to your degree of evolution. Normally you totally and unconditionally give yourself to the person you love, whom you tend to idealize as charming of all the values ​​you expect to see in your love. On the other hand, the Aries who live the most in your infantile stage need to go from conquest in conquest to affirm yourselves.

If your astral chart is harmonious as a whole you can expect courage, courage, self-confidence, sense of humor, initiative and noble ambition.

However, when the rest of the astral chart and circumstances do not accompany you can show the most negative side of the sign, ie: excessive egocentrism, which can become contempt for the other.