Pisces 2018 horoscope – how it’s going to be for pisces

The influence of the planets on the sign of Pisces, and according to the decan, depends largely on two steeds, Saturn [3rd decan] and Neptune [2nd decan], even if Saturn in Sagittarius, until December 20th, is Present for the whole sign instead of the solar house X, and that the planetary phases in tension [series of squares Jupiter-Pluto and oppositions Jupiter-Uranus] will act differently according to the natal chart of each. I learn that it’s going to be a great 2018 year for pisces..at leasts this are the astrologers from this website http://www.horoscope-2018.org/pisces-2018-forecast/ tell us

For all, the “situation” [solar house X] and the financial life dominate this annual cycle, especially in the first semester [long passage from Venus to Aries from 3 February to 6 June] in solar house II, then the influence will be confirmed During the last quarter of the year with Jupiter in Scorpio [especially 1st-2nd decan].

The meaning of an effort on the situation will be more or less important, and felt, according to the decanate to which you belong, and more by the 3rd [square Saturn-Sun of birth]; However, for some, and sometimes even at the cost of a change of assignment, or administrative position, or even a deeper mutation, “elevation” [Saturn] and “progress” [Uranus] are promised to you Of this annual cycle.

The Jupiter-Pluton and Jupiter-Uranus tensions [solar axis II / VIII] can influence a legacy issue, with several episodes. But also, in other cases, the capital of companies [assets / liabilities] and a redistribution of cards.

– 1st decan: clear of the constraints and hesitations, the disturbances, the tension between Saturn and Neptune [square Saturn-Neptune], both in the social and private way, during your annual cycle 2018 your intentions as well as your achievements are facilitated , In particular in the first half of the year (financial life and social channel), then with the assistance of Jupiter at the trigon of your decan, from October 10 to November 25 approximately. You will see a situation change; Rejoice.

2nd decan: for the most part it is the conjunction Neptune-Sun of birth [native of the first 4-5 days of the decan] that dominates your annual cycle, a celestial state lived once in a lifetime, Its importance, according to the position of each in society; More generally, the passage Neptune-Sun of birth installs the situation of a “tide of a solar state”, in simple language: authority, position success, creation [artistic way], collective direction , An election [association, group, politics], in short, a valuation of position [word for word: a popular bottom blade + a crown = a king, a president, an elected official, a deputy, , A leader, etc.].

You are, then, 2nd decan, well enough to win the votes in the social concert, and no doubt deserve it, in your place. But, in order to succeed fully and certainly, you must absolutely open yourself to the energies of your sign: communion, participation, pity, sharing with an assembly, a community, a people; Otherwise, you may experience a failure.

The various tensions between Jupiter-Pluto [previous square 2016, 25 Nov. 2016, then 30 March, 4 August 2018] and Jupiter-Uranus [previous opposition 2016, Dec. 26, 2016, then 3 March, 28 September 2018] are not to be overlooked and may concern finance as well as affairs in general [assets / liabilities], not without polemics and shocks, but in each other We can think that a solution, at least an agreement, a compromise, will occur during the third quarter, especially during November or early December [trigone Jupiter-Neptune, December 3].

On the heart side, many of you will meet “the lucky one” and form a couple. The “procreation” is also highlighted.

3rd decan: the celestial state of completion and valorization is similar to that of the 1st-2nd decan, but Saturn to the square of your Sun – decan – adds, if not an indecision, some delay or obstacle. Yet, this past course, you are the most sign of the most likely to achieve and reach a position [career] to which you long for, sometimes years [promotion, or mutation to another] . Things being what they are, between approach, negotiation [1st half], that is the return gives you reason, or a postponement on the last quarter will affirm your ambition; To the truth, here is a calculation between your present position, the perspective of an elsewhere – another position, another situation – and the financial counterpart [or “position”], everything requiring retrogression, negotiation , And ultimately your decision.

The natives of the Pisces sign have a highly developed intuition that allows them to understand and help others. They generally devote themselves to an ideal that guides their professional and sentimental lives.

The sign isces is dominated by the influence of Neptune, Jupiter and Venus. Neptune represents spirituality, romanticism, altruism. Jupiter symbolizes optimism, abundance, fulfillment. Venus represents femininity but also the arts.
Water Element

The twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into four, from their correspondence with the four elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. The sign Pisces is a sign of Water, just like the sign Cancer and the sign Scorpio. The Water element brings to these signs the imagination, the sensibility but also the lack of realism.
Love life

Fish seek fusion in their love life and may be possessive. They dream of a deep and tender relationship with a sensitive partner who shares their need for spirituality. Here are the different combinations * which can give impassioned unions or lasting unions.
Passion Combinations

A passionate combination will give sparks! The resulting loving union can be ardent … but short – lived. Conflicts are quite inevitable, which does not prevent love from rounding off the angles.

Fish & Fish
Fish & Aries
Fish & Aquarius
Fish & Gemini
Fish & Lion
Fish & Virgo
Fish & Balance

The Fish & Fish combination is the strongest of the passionate combinations. Good to know: the sign Virgo is the opposite of the sign Pisces. You are warned!
Harmonious and complementary combinations

A harmonious and complementary combination is to be preferred if you dream of a stable and peaceful union. It is conducive to marriage and family life.

Fish & Taurus
Fish & Cancer
Fish & Sagittarius
Fish & Scorpion
Fish & Capricorn

The combinations Pisces and Taurus as well as Pisces and Capricorn are the most stable of harmonious and complementary combinations.
* These indications are to be considered with caution: one must take into account its ascendant and the ascendant of the spouse. On the other hand, every human being is unique and is not limited to the characteristics of his sign. Never make a decision about your couple without first considering your personal story and feelings.

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