Pisces personality – hospitality, compassion, broad and agile comprehension

You are represented by two fish tied by the tail and swimming in opposite directions, which indicates not only that Pisces is a sign of double personality, but may have two almost diametrically opposed personalities.

You are a sign of Water, so the world of feelings is the most important thing.

The first sois of broad mental horizons, comprehensive, cosmopolitan, hospitable, with a humanitarian, spiritual or esoteric spark. You can even be visionary individuals in some sense and with a special mystique for community causes.

The latter, on the other hand, seek a kind of paradise that will enable you to attain nirvana; Something that you intend by personal enlightenment in some cases, by self-indulgence or compassion with yourself, in others. You can become self-destructive. In fact, one of the biggest risks of natives of this sign is chaos.

You’re a convinced pacifist. However, that does not stop you from being a born polemist or end up seeing you involved in controversy and debate, lands where you usually move like a fish in the water. Because of your liking for the image and your tendency to platonic relationships, television, film or photography is often liked. In the end, you have a latent artistic spirit, which, sometimes, you use to show the lacerating and dark aspects of society, to which you are especially sensitive. Also the hospitality and spirituality can be hobbies or even professions that bring you special satisfaction and personal success.

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Your love is romantic and sentimental. In addition, you know how to put imagination and fantasy at your service. However, on occasion, this trend focuses on platonic or ideal relationships that you never get to consummate.

If you have an astral chart with a harmonious set, these are some of your main values: hospitality, compassion, broad and agile comprehension, breadth of your views, pacifism and joy of life.

However, if the whole of the astral chart is inharmonious, some of your most notorious defects may be these: self-destruction, chaos, laziness, indolence, morbidity through secrets, unreliability, and deification.

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