Read all about aries personality

With your sign begins the Zodiac, so it represents the first vital stage of our existence, when, after birth, we begin to be individuals by ourselves.

As a sign of Fire, you need independence and be somebody for yourself.

You have the spirit of leader, pioneer, guide or promoter; Of something, in short, that makes you feel the first, the best or the fastest. Throughout your life you will develop a competitive spirit, as if the struggle for survival depends on it, something that often gives you entrepreneurial skills. Deep down you are thirsting for conquest or battle, whether sporty, economic, sentimental or any other type, but that allow you to perform a feat. The tranquility for your sign is an anathema: you always have to be doing things, although, if possible, bursts or whatever you feel like. You have more fun and react with more enthusiasm to challenges or new stimuli and projects than in consolidated stories.

In your personal evolution, your steps often involve considerable risk, but you do not usually be very aware of the danger. Instead, you are afraid of suffering or physical problems.

In your personal relationships you prefer a direct deal; To the point, without too much rhetoric or preparation. You really are impulsive and impatient. Deep down, you’re like a child, something capricious, you want things now, and if you do not mocha, but the anger lasts little.
In love you will act according to your degree of evolution. Normally you totally and unconditionally give yourself to the person you love, whom you tend to idealize as charming of all the values ​​you expect to see in your love. On the other hand, the Aries who live the most in your infantile stage need to go from conquest in conquest to affirm yourselves.

If your astral chart is harmonious as a whole you can expect courage, courage, self-confidence, sense of humor, initiative and noble ambition.

However, when the rest of the astral chart and circumstances do not accompany you can show the most negative side of the sign, ie: excessive egocentrism, which can become contempt for the other.

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