Sagittarius personality – exaggeratios, striving to dazzle, ostentatios, superstitios

Sagittarius is represented by the centaur, a mythological animal half man, half horse, implying the duality of the sign. It is a sign of Fire, so it needs to be admired, to stand out.

The human half, with a taut bow and an arrow about to shoot, symbolizes idealism, faith in the future, optimism and the need to transcend borders in pursuit of adventure – physical or intellectual – in a cosmopolitan leap To universality. It represents the leap from intelligence of concrete type to abstract (religions, philosophies, laws …). This human part of the sign also symbolizes your spirituality and your high aspirations.

The half horse warns of the other part of Sagittarius: the wildness, the exaggeration, the optimism runaway or even the disregard for others, including the typical blunders.

Thus, it is not strange to find in this sign people of the most varied. But Sagittarius usually approaches life with illusion, something that confers the category of flagrant of the causes that embraces. Therefore, it is also a sign especially gifted for teaching or dissemination, as well as for the media.

However, we will also find Sagittarians who are overcome by their fears and become bourgeois, and may even be somewhat childish or innocent. Occasionally, this type of Sagittarius seeks comfort, easy or gifted life and the law of minimum effort. Either way, or in any of its two manifestations, it is one of the signs with more luck in its destiny.

In love, you need a margin of freedom to go after your dreams and ideals. Within the couple should have some degree of autonomy or some joint illusions. But sharing trips, studies or sports activities will be the necessary complement for the couple to work.

If Sagittarius has a harmonic astral chart, it will show the following virtues: intelligence, optimism, sincerity, benevolence, paternalism, enthusiasm, broad understanding, organizational skills and sense of humor.

However, when the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, it can demonstrate some of these defects: exaggeration, striving to dazzle, ostentation, superstition, desires that everything comes by chance or complex of superiority.

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