Scorpio personality – a very complete sexuality

It is represented by the scorpion. Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, is the god of the subsoil, the underground and the occult.

Scorpio is a sign of Water, so his true world is in feelings, although some manifest enormous will to power.

Certainly, your sign does not conform to the world of appearances, and therefore you tend to penetrate or deepen the mysteries of life and the hidden side of it. Hence, also, the need to keep secrets or reservation on certain parcels. Being one of the most jealous signs of your intimacy, you know how to throw curtains of smoke around you, when it suits you, to prevent people from deepening in you. That is what can make you suspicious or have a special ability to keep your life a secret.

Everyone knows that Scorpio has strong sexuality. However, this has nothing to do with many natives of your sign. You have a very complete sexuality, and to function well – as a sign of Water you are – you need to connect emotionally and have an intense affective exchange. That intensity in love can make you even think that the other does not feel as much or does not give as much as you. You are capable of engaging in great struggles that oscillate between your passionate nature on the one hand and your craving for power or domination on the other. Hence also, sometimes, your critical or destructive tendency.

With you it is not strange that, from the outset, the others find themselves with a negative, but it is advisable to continue negotiating, since you unconsciously need to destroy to start from scratch: that offers you more guarantees. For better or for worse, you do not usually go unnoticed; It is easier for you to arouse extreme feelings to be indifferent to the opinion of others, seeing you even easily involved in the controversy.

If Scorpio has a harmonic astral chart, he will easily show the following values: energy, intrepidity, self-control, willpower, quick and deep understanding.

On the other hand, if the astral chart as a whole is inharmonious, these will be some of its principal defects: spirit of revenge, jealousy, brutality, and tormented passions.

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