Taurus 2018 horoscope – be the first to know

1st decan (April 21 to 30)
From 14 to 23 January, your friends make presentations, free to follow up or not.
From 5 to 15 March, the goddess of the heart augurs a fruitful period in terms of encounters, but also a second breath for couples already formed. The planet of love stands in your decan, enjoy! From the 7th to the 18th of August, the goddess of the heart accelerates the rhythm of your throbbing, there is talk of encounters, notable improvement of your sentimental life. From October 3 to 12, you are looking for harmony and sentimental balance, it’s up to you to find it. From November 22nd to November 30th, your love affairs are perfect. If you live as a couple, the wind of love blows on your side. You vibrate together on the same pitch, nothing can thwart your good marriage. While singles should not remain so for long. You are carried by the wind of the encounter.

2nd decan (1 to 10 May)
From 24 to 31 January, the planet of love invites you to friendly rejoicings, everything is possible, open the eye and the good. From 16 to 24 March, the goddess of the heart is stationed in your decan, which augurs a period full of sentimental. Enjoy it fully. From the 19th to the 28th of August, there are meetings, new heads, new acquaintances. It is a true celestial manna that promises and promises you a sentimental blossoming. From 13 to 20 October, the area of ​​your loves is in line of sight planetary, to savor in duet. From 1 to 8 December, you end the year by cooing your hand in your hand. What sweet moments in perspective, to live face to face.

3rd decan (May 11 to 20)
From February 1st to 7th, follow your friends in their peregrinations, you should not regret it for a long time. From March 25 to April 2, Venus settles into your decan, inaugurating a period of emotional fulfillment, which says better? It is about opening up to another world, that of your loved one. From August 29th to September 5th, bachelors multiply their chances of encounters by 10. Go all out, this is the right time. From October 21 to 27, you must bet on the dialogue to explain the why of how to your partner. If you are single, you taste with gluttony all the pleasures of love. Overnight, your life changes radically. From 9 to 15 December, the couples already trained win the favor of the cosmos, you love each other more and more.

1st decan (April 21 to 30)
From January 1st to March 16th, Jupiter the great benefactor rallies to your astral cause, enjoy it 100%. For the natives of the beginning of decan, Pluto, the planet of mutations, invites you to an interior journey. You go beyond the boundaries of your mental or physical boundaries. It is a question of perfecting yourself, of taking a new direction more in accord with your deep aspirations. Maybe you will consider a new training. From 6 October to 31 December, Saturn, the planet of responsibility faces you. The relationships you have with your partner are more tense, you are having difficulty tuning your violins. You feel lonely when confronted with your professional choices and it is not easy to bear every day. You must learn to compose, your determination will do the rest. Throughout the year, Neptune, the planet of inspiration, debrides your imagination, optimize this transit by developing your gifts, exploring your creativity. You have important abilities that you need to value, have more confidence in yourself to do so. It is a question of positioning you professionally and valuing the inventiveness that lies in you.
Vitality: eat at fixed times and sleep more, you will quickly feel the benefits on your health.

2nd decan (1 to 10 May)
You can jump to the ceiling, you are part of the winning tiercé. From the 17th of March to the 30th of April, Jupiter, the great beneficiary, is stationed in your decanate. Look big, aim high, above, you have facilities, good touches, golden veins to exploit as quickly as possible. Be on the lookout for all the beautiful celestial surprises that the cosmos is preparing for you. It is at this time that you can go all-out for the rest of the year. Then go …
Vitality: good fishing, watch your weight, you risk taking a few pounds.

3rd decan (May 11 to 20)
2012 is a great vintage that will leave you a very good memory! From 1 May to 10 June, Jupiter, the great benefactor, sings your praises, you benefit from a good margin for maneuver. Jupiter walks in your decan bringing you its good news, opportunities and advantageous proposals. Fully optimize this good transit that only recurs every 12 years. See great, do not be afraid of anything, plant grams

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