Taurus personality – rational and materialistic

Symbolized by the ox, you represent the consolidation of the spring and the density of the vegetation. As a sign of Earth, you are rational and materialistic in your approaches, that is, you believe in what you can see or verify and you know the importance of the material and economic bases for life.

There are two basic types of Taurus: one driven by the passion for life, to enjoy it and perhaps with enough momentum; Another, on the other hand, calm and peaceful. Although both attitudes can be mixed in the same Taurus.

You usually have the senses developed or skin-deep, distilling, above all, sensuality. You like to enjoy the good of life, being one of the most hedonistic signs of the Zodiac. However, it is not uncommon to find natives of this sign that you know how to live with simple tastes. Your qualities for the decoration or the art are notorious, being able to develop a prolific work.

Conservative temperament by nature, you tend to always act in the same way and hardly change your scale of values. This is what you can do, some of you slow or lazy, but, in return, you will also have a great determination to achieve your goals. Tranquility and patience are two of your best weapons although you can fall into fixation and stubbornness.

As for your feelings, just as you revolve around the issues that obsess you, you are intensely faithful to the family, friends or yours, to whom you give yourself unconditionally. However, you are usually possessive and jealous.

Sometimes it is exaggerated to talk about your love of money. You tend to be much more noble and generous than you think, but only in necessary cases, precisely because you know that the section of expenses and profits is fundamental for life. What happens is normal within the evolutionary process that represents the Zodiac: after being born and having our own body (Aries), we try to breastfeed for subsistence (Taurus); This vital necessity marks the imprint of the subconscious of Taurus, conditioning you so that, throughout life, you seek a well-being that, for some of you, is to pursue wealth or storage.

If your astral chart is harmonious as a whole, we can find some of these qualities: good management of resources, concentration, sense of humor, serenity, stoicism, ability to work and sense of duty.

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