Gemini personality – tend to romanticism

Your sign is represented by the twins, symbolizing duality, versatility and the need to do things with others or in company.

You are a sign of Air, so your motivations will be fundamentally changing and intellectual, that is, you need to have fun with your interlocutor and understand yourself through words, ideas or concepts.

In the constellation of the sign, the twins Pollux and Castor stand out. The first was immortal, while the other was mortal, which means that there are two basic types or two sub-archetypes of this sign: one tends to be well informed and communicated, formal, attracted by culture and chivalrous behavior. The other, on the other hand, can be restless, nervous, emotional and even opportunistic. Both are usually friendly, eloquent or convincing.

Your versatility or taste for variety tends to manifest in all aspects of life, often starting things and not finishing or have gone through various studies or jobs. Therefore, many of the natives of this sign you become apprentices of everything and masters of nothing. Skillfully chameleon, you are one of the signs that it is easier to adapt to the circumstances, or to vary of attitude and behavior according to who you are. However, you are a skilful sign for anything you set out to do, and you can easily get to virtuosity. Anyway, your attraction to variety gives you the temptation to be in two places at once. Indeed, your double personality is as proverbial as that of Dr. Jeckill and Mr. Hyde.

Your destiny is often linked to travel, offices, commerce and the media. Of course, your exchange of information or your contact with people is usually high. You need the other, you need the interlocutor to see yourself reflected. For better or for worse, the Gemini appear quite often before the society constituting double or even, that is, being a kind of friend or main partner of someone.

In love you tend to romanticism, but, at the same time, you tend to fear commitment. It is easy to show flirtatious and friendly behavior.

In Gemini whose astral chart is harmonic, we find the following qualities: intelligence or mental quickness, vivacity, ingenuity, versatility and ability to relate.

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