Virgo personality – excess of criticism and meticulousness

Virgo is represented by a virgin with a spike in her hand, wanting to symbolize purity, the idea of ​​neatness and purification that corresponds to the sign. It is a sign of Earth, which is why the tendency towards foresight, analysis and work predominates.

Virgo has an analytical-critical mentality, so it is usually rational, logical, detailed and meticulous. Because of his perfectionist spirit, he has a special ability to pick up flaws or imperfections. But not only in others, but also in his works or in himself, reaching an autocratic degree that in more than one of his natives comes to give some complex. His sense of discretion, his tendency to caution and fear of failure, may make him feel inadequate when he has to improvise or, if he suddenly asks for something he has not rehearsed. And it is that Virgo needs his time; Approach things little by little, because, otherwise, you may not feel sufficiently prepared. He has to do things step by step, step by step.

It is one of the most working signs, perhaps because it is important for him to feel useful to society and to know that he earns his daily bread. That is why ants and bees are clear representatives of the sign.

In this sign we can find both the library mouse – Vergo wants to know the why of things – as the sportsman, who based on training is gaining confidence in himself and his possibilities. Sooner or later, Virgo usually embraces a special diet or show great interest in body care, hygiene and dietary issues.

In the field of love, he can betray himself by his tendency to pass everything through the filter of reason and his lack of confidence, which so often prevents him from surrendering. It is relatively easy for your heart and mind to conflict. However, at times, the usual neatness of this sign can be truncated in a libido with strong needs for expression.

If Virgo has a harmonious astral chart as a whole, we will see the following qualities: neatness, discretion, method, cleanliness, sense of order, logic and application to obligations.

But if the astral chart and circumstances do not accompany it, its main defects will be: excess of criticism and meticulousness, skepticism, selfishness, gossip, materialism and sleepiness

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